India’s first Covid-19 death was reported at late night yesterday, March 12th, 2020. The Health Minister of Karnataka confirmed the death of the 76-year-old patient was due to coronavirus. Check it out here.

The First Covid-19 Death in India

On late night yesterday, March 12th, the Health Minister of Karnataka reported the death of a 76-year-old patient due to coronavirus. The passed-away man was from Kalaburgi, a city in the northern region of Karnataka State. The Government statement also confirmed the death of this coronavirus-positive patient was due to Covid-19 and comorbidity.

The joint director of the Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Department said the authorities were following the protocols to ensure the safe disposal of the dead patient’s body. He also confirmed that health officers completed disinfection methods according to the guidelines of the Central government. They also started to do contact tracing and isolation methods.

76 Year Old Patient Died Of Coronavirus
76-Year-Old Patient Died Of Coronavirus

The Central government statement said that the patient traveled to Saudi Arabia on January 29th. A month later, he came back to India on February 29th. Then, the patient started showing infection symptoms like cough and fever on March 6th. Moreover, the authority also reported that the man also suffered from asthma and hypertension. After he showed infection symptoms, he invited a private doctor to treat him at home.

However, his health got worse with more serious symptoms on March 9th. The local private hospital diagnosed that he infected mid-zone viral pneumonia and suspected him as a Covid-19-positive case. Then, his sample was collected on that day to test in Viral Research Diagnostic Laboratory.

First Coronavirus Death In India
Contact Tracing And Isolation Are Carried Out

He was tested positive to Covid-19 and transferred to a private hospital in Hyderabad for treatment before being discharged and brought back to the Gulbarga Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS). However, he died on the way back to GIMS on March 10th. Then, the old man was confirmed to die of coronavirus on Thursday, March 12th.

Now, the health office and authority are carrying out all the necessary precautionary measures such as contact tracing, home quarantine and screening for those contacted with the first coronavirus death in India.

He Died On The Way Back To Gims On March 10th
He Died On The Way Back To GIMS On March 10th