To become an excellent player in Apex Legends, it is a must to understand clearly every single one among the eight characters of the game as well as the unique playstyle of each of them. Being one of the two Legends which are intentionally designed to be the defense type, Caustic depends a lot on his tricks when it comes to defeating his opponents along with a good setup, this Toxic Trapper can certainly secure his player the victory trophy.

However, to be able to pick him as your Legend, players are required to unlock him first. There are only two Legends in Apex which require purchasing before playing. The purchase process is also quite simple, you can use Legend Tokens (12,000) or Apex Coins (750) to unlock Caustic and enjoy the game.

Nox Vision – Passive
This Toxic Trapper’s passive ability gives him vision over his enemies that are entrapped in clouds full of poison gas. Nox Vision is most effective when used in closed areas like small rooms in which his enemies will not be able to easily find an escape from his abilities’ range.

Caustic will be the only one who can see the enemies’ outline, therefore it’s quite important for you to inform your teammates about it. As his enemies have almost no vision in the gas, Caustic players can take advantage of this and revive other teammates or simply heal themselves.

Caustic’s equipment includes a gas mask, which means his abilities cannot affect him. which results in Caustics’ being immune with Nox Gas skill from any other users, and this also goes the other way round. Therefore using tricks is not a wise decision while trying to take down other Caustics.

Nox Gas Trap – Q
When using Nox Gas Trap, Caustic will place some canisters that will later release a small vicinity of poison gas when the surrounding enemies trigger or shoot it.


These traps work best during the beginning of the game and also in the late game. You can set up canisters in places where many loot-hungry opponents usually go to or exploit the rings in later stages of the game by setting up an area with plenty of traps to defeat unprepared enemies.

It takes approximately one second for the canisters to become activatable. However, you can still pick them up to relocate if you want to once placed. The Toxic Trapper can store up to three of them at once. If you use all stored canisters you will have to wait 28 seconds before you can place another one. You are only allow to place six canisters at a time, which means when you place the seventh one, the first one will automatically be removed.

These canisters can also act as blocks to prevent others from opening doors. Placing one of them in front of a door can help prevent other players from opening it on the other side. Therefore, in places with only two exits, Caustic players can set up traps to block one of them using a canister while leave the other one open to lure their enemies in. When their opponents get in the room, they can just simply throw Caustic’s ultimate ability in the room and block the second exit using another canister.

This plan, however, requires a bit of set up, hence, you can be easily spotted by the other squads. So to do it successfully, keep it in mind that you need to place canisters as quickly and also as quietly as possible.

Nox Gas Grenade – Ultimate
Nox Gas Grenade, just like its name, when activated Caustic will throw a grenade which will later release a cloud full of Nox Gas. The range of this ability is much larger compared to Nox Gas Traps’.


Another difference from his Nox Gas Traps is that Caustic can throw the grenades quite far away from him.

If you want to excel Caustic, you must carefully plan as well as set up every attack to exploit his abilities. However, you can still use them in emergent situation, they are quite effective for escaping too.

The best Legends to team up with him are Bloodhound, whose ultimate ability grants him vision in the Nox Gas, along with Lifeline, whose can high-priority care package can attract other squads to a particular area.