While many other streamers pay much attention to their appearance and content in each live stream, beautiful streamer Edrin (에디린) in the following article is completely different.

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Content is one of the minimum prerequisites that help streamers draw the attention of the viewers. However, over time, the citizens’ taste has changed a lot, leading to the fact that some streamers have become lazier. They do nothing or even don’t say anything on a live stream.

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Many wonder what they show to their viewers and you may be surprised to know that some turn out to just sleep or even snore but they still manage to attract lakhs or sometimes crores of followers. However, “sleeping” doesn’t mean safety from regulations on an online platform and the incident of Korean streamer Edrin is an example.

Edyrin Korean Streamer

It is said that Edrin is a popular female streamer from Korea but she has got lots of negative reviews. In the past, she used to work as a streamer on Twitch, but then she was banned on this platform after some videos of Edrin and her boyfriend showing nudity went viral on the Internet.

To get more specific, in the past, when completing a live stream, she accidentally forgot to turn off the camera and went completely naked for over 1 minute. Immediately after realizing it, Edrin deleted all videos and even deleted her Twitch channel. However, it's too late. The video of her nude accident stirred up the Internet in a short time.

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At that time, Edrin announced her retirement and decision to stop streaming but then she suddenly returned because, as this stunning streamer admitted, she couldn’t refuse her fans’ love. And now, Edrin often goes streaming on Afreeca TV - a famous platform in Korea.

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Moving to a new house, the beautiful girl has kept facing a series of trouble. Accordingly, on a recent live stream, she decided to string up a square net and still turned on a live stream. She said to the viewers that she would go to sleep after have a little talk with fans on her chatting channel. Maybe Edrin almost ran out of ideas. If you thought that the number of her viewers would reduce, you went completely wrong. That’s true. Even when the streamer laid in a deep sleep, there was a considerable increase in the number of her viewers.

The moment this streamer chose to string up a square net to have a sleep on a live stream.

It worth mentioning that along with her ramshackle sleeping habits, she wore a super short nightgown, especially shorts. That’s why the viewers felt exciting and concerned about her showing indiscretions on the live stream.

Sleep On Live Stream
No need to talk about why the netizens were afraid that she may soon ben banned once again.

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Of course, with her infamous past, Edrin could be permanently banned on the live streaming platform if she allegedly violated its regulations. Luckily, after a long sleep from morning to afternoon, she woke up, said something to her viewers, and then left the live stream without any pitiful incident. However, a video of her speechless moments and sleeping habits was recorded by her fans and has rapidly gone viral on social networks.

Although this video may help Edrin become more famous and get more attention, it also leads to many negative effects when she once again has become a target of the platform administrators. And if she keeps maintaining her laziness and creating similar content, the Korean streamer may soon be banned once again.

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