After nearly a year after their marriage, the star of Game of Thrones TV series Sophie Turner is now being pregnant. We all know this news sounds quite hard to believe, but the famous celebrity magazine Us Weekly has confirmed this pregnancy news, so nobody is lying to you guys (to be fair, we are all expecting this news too).

Sophie Joe 2 Compressed
Sophie Turner has pretended to be pregnant in public place many times in the past, but this time it's real

After becoming the Queen of the North in the final season of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner has not made any big appearance on any movies or TV series (except for the disastrous X-Men movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix). She has kinda retreated to a much more peaceful marriage life with her husband Joe Jonas. Considering the extremely terrible ending for Game of Thrones and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, we think this is a good decision. After all, we all need some quiet time to prepare for the next big steps in our life.

Sophie Turner has had amazing time with her husband last year

By staying at home and spending time with her husband more, the baby inside our beautiful British actress is the fruitful result that we have all been waiting for. However, we actually do not recommend you guys to be extremely “enthusiastic” about this. Although this pregnancy news has been confirmed, Us Weekly has also reported that both Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have not said anything about the news but “keeping things very hush-hush”. That means you are not gonna hear anything from them in the near future, so do not reload their Instagram account every five minutes for more news.

The couple will remain silent in the near future

The sister in law of Priyanka Chopra has not taken any movie or TV series projects this year, and it is understandable. So far, we have only heard that she has completed a short TV series call Survive and a movie called Broken Soldier. Both Survive and Broken Soldier have not had an exact release date, so the chances that we will not be seeing Sophie Turner for quite some time are high.