The trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home aired last night, and just like any other Marvel movie trailer, fans have analyzed it through and through. Here are some details that they have found:

The fate of Tony Stark

… is still unclear. In the trailer, we see Spider-Man appears at a charity event, and there is a scene showing a cheque signed by Pepper Potts. What does this mean? Well, worst case scenario, it means Tony is really gone. Or it could just be a small detail to give create a sense of connection in the movie universe. After all, Pepper is the CEO of Stark Industry, so she signing the cheque is nothing out of the ordinary. For now, let’s not jump to any conclusion.

Spiderman Easter Egg 1

Spider-Man is appreciated by his friendly neighbor

The convenience store that we see Peter go to in Homecoming, which was destroyed during a bank robbery, appears to have been rebuilt, and the owner has put a news article as well as a framed picture of Spider-Man on the wall.

Spiderman Easter Egg 2

Happy Birthday, Spider-Man

In the trailer, we got a glimpse at Peter’s passport, which states his date of birth as August 10. Know what’s special about the date? It’s the day Spider-Man made his debut on comic way back in 1962.

Spiderman Easter Egg 3

A tribute to a father figure

There is a monogram on Peter’s suitcase: BFP, which could be a reference to his late uncle Ben Parker. However, Ben Parker has no canonical middle name, so it is not clear what the F stands for. It could be a sign of respect, or BFP could be something else entirely.

Spiderman Easter Egg 4

Yet another tribute

The hostel that Peter and his friends stay at during their trip to Europe is called Hotel de Matteis. This is a tribute to John Marc DeMatteis, a veteran comic writer responsible for several beloved Spider-Man movie back in the 80s and 90s such as Kraven’s Last Hunt or the first part of the Clone Saga.

Spiderman Easter Egg 5

Amazing Spider-Man #212

One of the spotlights of the trailer is Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. In the comics, Mysterio is a master of the manipulation of illusions, so the elemental monsters that we see might just be mirages that he creates to make himself look cooler.

Yet even if they are, these monsters are still deliberate nods to some other enemies of Spider-Man. In this picture, we can see that the boat behind Ned has “Asm 212” written on it. This refers to Amazing Spider-Man #212, which marks the first appearance of Hydro-Man, a supervillain that can turn himself into water. You probably also recognize Sandman, who appeared in the 2007 Spider-Man film.

Spiderman Easter Egg 6

And finally we have this hot dude:

Spiderman Easter Egg 6 1

He might well be how Spider-Man: Far From Home demonstrates Molten Man, who has metallic skin that can heat up and sometimes can even take on a lava form.

These are just some interesting details that fans have found, and there could be more to offer further insights into the Marvel cinematic universe.