Vincent Cyr, a YouTuber & Twitch streamer has recently displayed a funny car commercial parody on his stream, politely asking his viewers to subscribe to him using Twitch Prime.

Cyr (Sear) is a Twitch streamer that mostly plays GTA RP. He also does some IRL streams that "feel like movies" according to him.

Cyr was playing Grand Theft Auto V on stream when he decided to surprise his viewers with a spooky car commercial. “Check this out,” said Cyr said before starting his count down from five, ended with him yelling “Sellout!” The screen quickly turns from GTA gameplay to an ad-lookalike scene with nature and chilling, majestic music. Here's the full clip on Twitch:

Viewers stayed still and began watching what clearly looked like a Twitch ad with a text up in top left, reading “This Ad Supports Cyr.”

The footage was professionally-shot, including the shorelines and beautiful architecture, setting a very inspirational tone. Shortly after, the narrator started and talked about achieving precious things in life like strength and love.

“But with achievement comes the need for speed,” said the narrator. The ad then introduced the 2019 BMW M Series, saying that’s something not affordable by many of us.

Something fishy....

All of a sudden, the chat sensed something very suspicious about what they're seeing. The narrator quickly turned to say that what you can afford is Twitch Prime. And with a passionate voice, the narrator explained that Twitch Prime is free.

At that moment, the stream chat immediately exploded and filled with the “LULW”. It became pretty clear that it was Cyr who was doing all the narrator thing himself. And of course, the whole commercial was only a parody, an actually funny one from the streamer.

Using this example from Cyr, it seems that viewers don’t object to streamers asking for new subs, as long as the act is done creatively and entertainingly.