This week has seen an abnormal increase in strange incidents like this happening on Twitch when quite a lot of streamers have been caught broadcasting some really peculiar scenes.

Twitch Streamer Semen Stained Wall

One streamer forgot to stop streaming before they have sex, resulted in the viewers having to deal with some quite NSFW content. Whereas another one comfortably expressed about their butt issue while streaming regardless of the rest of the world.

A Streamer named 'Bingo1' absolutely shocked his entire audience when he openly showed his semen-encrusted wall to all of his viewers after a viewer curiously wanted to see his bedroom.

Twitch Streamer Bingo1 Semen Wall
The streamer had no issues pointing out his jizz marks.

The unpleasant marks

"You can see over there... hang on, I'll show you," said 'Bingo1' while moving the camera towards the wall. "Can I show that?"

Then he pointed to the disgusting white, weirdly-shaped marks. "That is cum stains," he explained. "Can I show that? Is that against TOS [terms of service]? Can I show cum stains?"

To his defense, it was not actually clear whether he was just making joke or not. However, his seriousness as well as sincere expression made everyone believe that it was no joke.

This simply is just another case of weirdness on Twitch.

Regarding bedrooms...

That is not the only weird story about bedroom that totally broke the internet when viewers found out a streamer whose room had not been cleaned for a freaking FOURTEEN years. 'Jaegerrmeister' - a huge fan of World of Warcraft had a mountain in his room, along with some urine bags, as well as a bowl of mac n’ cheese covered with mold which seemed pretty much like literal feces.

The streamer enlisted help from his friends as well as family to make an epic cleanup that lasted several straight days till they can finally see the wooden floor in his room again. Now we can only hope that he can maintain how the room looks from now on, and avoid having trash built up in his room for another decade.