Zhou Shuyi or Mikuya Zhou was born in 1994 in Shanghai, China. She gains popularity as a top LPL caster and a League of Legends streamer on Douyu. Many may still remember that she is a former member of the LUNAR girl group.

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However, the 26-year-old streamer caused an Internet stir when she scolded her viewers in her live stream. It turned out that one of her fans intentionally mocked Zhou Shuyi by changing his ID account and asking her about her recent rumors.

Not long before, the Chinese netizens have spread a rumor saying that the beautiful streamer has been a sugar baby of a famous gamer for a long time. She immediately denies this rumor while the gamer in question doesn’t give any specific explanation. That’s why netizens have kept going further.

Streamer 1

On her recent stream, one of her viewers intentionally changed his ID account into “Is the relationship of Zhou Shuyi and the gamer real?” and donated to the female streamer. Right after seeing this weird name on the screen, she felt very angry and sent 'thank you' to him before scolding him. She also added that he shouldn’t give her any present in the future and should get a checkup instead.

It is obvious that Zhou Shuyi has never felt angry with her viewers or fans, especially on a live stream, before. However, the majority of netizens can learn why she became hot-tempered in such a situation. Like many female streamers, she has been under a lot of controversies to gain popularity as of now, and therefore, she should be respected for her contributions to the streaming community.

Take a quick look at her beautiful photos:

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