Spending such a great amount of time in front of the camera, our favorite streamers sometimes fail to avoid ridiculous accidents. In the past, some of them were even exposed to serious risks, including being robbed while doing their daily job on Twitch or YouTube. In this article, we will explore some of the most frightening robberies happening to 5 streamers while live streaming. While some of them had an excellent reaction, others appeared to be totally terrified. 

FaZe Adapt 

FaZe Adapt once suffered from a strange robbery. But in fact, he noticed the robbery - actually a break-in happened to his house - while he was in Arizona. 

Streamers Faze Adapt
FaZe Adapt noticed the robbery while he was far away from his home.

According to the streamer, the man who was recorded tried to break into his house twice, and both of the times he succeeded flying away. Watching FaZe posted video, he reluctantly looked that theft taking away his belongings, and now he collected enough photographic and video evidence to imprison that guy. Unexpectedly, this incident has been one of the most strange as well as ridiculous that have ever been known among streamers. 

FaZe Rug

Another similarly abnormal accident happened to FaZe Rug, who had an obsessed fan break into his house for no reason at all. The story was even odder when that fan was extremely excited to meet and claim a big hug from his idol streamer. 

Streamers Faze Rug
Another similarly abnormal accident belonged to FaZe Rug.

In addition, regardless of the vocal resistance made by the streamer and his family, this fan still tried to enter his game room. However, Brian kept a very subtle attitude towards this situation, because the fan probably was a robber who was ingenious to lie when he was under arrest. 


Streamers Deji
Deji decided to let the unexpected intruder go back through the same way she came in.

Now we move onto the next wacky incident that happened to another famous streamer, Deji. Well, it seems that nowhere can we find a calmer person like him. Why? Because he decided to talk to the woman who just broke into his house for neighbor’s greetings, and then he decided to let her go back through the same way she came in.

Dr. DisRespect 

Streamers Dr Disrespect
This was not the only time Dr. DisRespect 's house was targeted, and he even called the shooter a ‘coward’.

The final case, which is also the scariest incident in the list, belonged to Dr. DisRespect. In detail, on one of his live stream, there was somebody starting to shoot at his house. Then the streamer was pulled off from his live stream and explained about the situation by his teammate. Unfortunately, this was not the only time his house was targeted, and he even called the shooter a ‘coward’.