Triton Survival is the latest game from DreamsSoftGames. The game takes place in a future world where players will have to establish bases, craft and collect resources to fight against outer world creatures.

Triton Survival
Triton Survival is the latest release from DreamsSoftGames.

The Early Access version is now available on Steam, and let's take a look at the trailer of the game below to see the world featured in this shooting title:

Triton Survival set in a world full of aliens in 2114. With the technology of creating black holes, these unfriendly creatures could easily invade the Earth by going through a network of Portals on the planetary system of Neptune. Players will bear the responsibility of saving the world, stopping the transportation of outer world armies to the Earth by destroying all portals in all others Neptune's satellites, and defend the Interplanetary Portal. The Triton Portal needs a lot of energy to travel to other Neptune's satellites. As the only hope of humanity, you need to seek supplies, energy, keep your own life, and make a fortress around the Portal in order to protect it.

Triton Survival Review Steam Gaming Cypher
You have to fight waves of monsters to protect the Earth

According to the developer's announcement, there are many cool features coming up when Triton Portal hit its full release, including a 4 players cooperative mode and tons of improvement relating to the mechanic and performance of the game.

Triton Survival1
Many cool features are coming.

Some people may find the Early Access version of Triton Survival doesn't have many vehicles types, game modes, customization system, and even a tutorial quest. Don't worry, all those things will be handled in the final version.

“Triton Survival is our most ambitious project so far”, said Luis de la Cruz, CEO at DreamsSoftGames. “Fans of survival games will find a big challenge with our new game”.