Lindsay Brewer, 22, is known as the most beautiful rose on the racing track across the world. Lindsay is a familiar name with fans of motorsports and racing due to her great talent and beauty. The female racer is also a famous model and hot face on social media. Check out some pictures of this sexy and hot racing girl here with

Lindsay Brewer, The Rose On The Race Track

Lindsay is a rising star in motorsports and racing track who is pretty famous in the world now. The young girl is just 22 years old. But she has a great passion and talent with speed, motors, and racings. Lindsay even got many impressive rewards and achievements.

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The beautiful racer starts to join racings when she was only 11 years old. The little Lindsay showed off her talent soon in go-kart tournaments. Then, she officially joined racing events for adults in 2015, when she was 17 years old. Now, she is a professional female racer and often participates in many local or big racing events.

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The beautiful racer has greater ambition when she wants to join male racers in IndyCar 500, one of the greatest sports events for racers in the world. She said to Ralston Valley Review that her ultimate target is becoming a female IndyCar racer. The announcement was made in 2015 when she joined a professional racing as an adult for the first time. What an ambitious girl!

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Lindsay Brewer was born and brought up in California, the USA. She is one of the most beautiful, attractive, and talented female racers in the world. With the beautiful and sexy appearance, Lindsay always steals the spotlight when she appears in any event. The young racer is attending San Diego State University.

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Behind the wheel or outside the race track, Lindsay always makes your heart race. She has sweet eyes, a pretty face, and hot body shape. After school, the racer has a part-time job of modeling.

Lindsay Brewer’s Achievements

Lindsay is a famous racing girl now with a stunning and bewitching appearance. She has 12 lakh followers on Instagram now and over 6.12 thousand subscribers on YouTube now. Outside the race track, Lindsay still catches fans’ attention with sexy photos of her in hot bikinis. On her YouTube channel, Lindsay uploaded many videos of her with impressive drifting scenes.

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The rose of the world’s race track also got a number of achievements. At the age of 12, Lindsay won the regional mountain championship. She began her racing career with go-kart tournaments for youth. Then, she switched to full-size cars in 2015. Her love and passion for racing started at the birthday party of her brother many years ago. It was also the first time she won a kart race.

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Then, the little girl took on training and decided to pursue a racing career. In the early days of her racing career, Lindsay also faced many difficulties, such as lack of a sponsor. But she kept moving on and got a great achievement like today. With great passion and effort, Lindsay will gain more success and reputation in the future. She is still young, passionate, and dynamic.

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Lindsay Brewer has not been on the race track for a long time but she said she hadn’t stopped racing. It’s a difficult time for her and other racers. So, it’s just a pause during her racing career to find a sponsor. She is still upgrading her skill every day and focusing on graduating. The beautiful girl also said she might upgrade to more powerful vehicles in the future. But she still loves karting which brought her to this world of motorsports.