The only known Nintendo PlayStation has just been sold at an auction for three hundred and sixty thousand dollars, multiple times higher than its opening bid.

The history of this console: Back in 1988, Nintendo and Sony were partners - they worked together to create a disc-reading component for the SNES (SNES-CD) or Super Disc. However, their partnership falls apart after Nintendo picked Philips instead - which leads to Sony backing out to create the most famous console line of all time, the PlayStation. The Nintendo PlayStation is a prototype that was made as part of their cooperation.

This rare piece of video game history surfaced during an estate sale back in 2015. The system was then listed by Heritage Auctions, after getting tested by a tech specialist. The console was completely functional, with the ability to recognize all inputs and run disc-based games. Specifically, the console can run standard cartridges from Super Famicom and data cartridge for compatible CD ROMs. It cannot run PlayStation games, however.

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The console looks pretty weird - it is like a super prototype of PlayStation

The story of this prototype begins with the previous CEO of Sony Entertainment, Olaf Olafsson and his departure from the company to join Advanta Corporation. The guy took the Nintendo PlayStation with him in the process. However, Advanta was a failure and has to file for bankruptcy back in 1999 and everything in their office was sold at auction. One lucky bidder managed to stumble upon this treasure - the Nintendo PlayStation prototype was grouped up together with some other items.

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The bidding page for the item

This prototype has traveled all around the world, appreciated and admired by video game enthusiasts. It will continue to be a pivotal piece of the history of video games, no matter whose hands it ends up with. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the seven most successful consoles of all time.