After “Love Is Blind”, Netflix has had a plan to introduce a new reality dating show called “Too Hot To Handle”. The first trailer reveals 10 single contestants including 5 hot boys and 5 sexy girls who are present in a heaven island. They can gossip with together, but they aren’t allowed to have any intimate gestures such as hugging, kissing, or something further. The final winner will have a chance to get a big prize of $100,000.

"Too Hot To Handle" may be as hot as "Love Is Blind" or even more.

Too Hot To Handle: Dating Show With Odd Rules

Four free weeks, beautiful scenes, and sexually provocative contestants who are desiring to find love… All of these factors are too enough for us to imagine what will happen in this ideal world.

However, the organizers seem to play a prank with both contestants and watchers. The rules of the dating show “Too Hot To Handle” allow players to have a talk with each other, but they can’t do any physical contact. A hug? No. A kiss? No. Making love? Oh, forget it. If any player violates the rules, he or she will lose a corresponding fine which the player can get at the end of the show.

To add more mystery to the dating show “Too Hot To Handle”, the organizers use the virtual assistant Lana as stewardship. Lana is responsible for introducing rules, as well as warning players in some necessary situations.


It is not the first time Netflix has set up a series of odd dating rules. Back to March, watchers might be obsessed with the reality dating show “Love Is Blind” on this video streaming platform.

In “Love Is Blind”, players are arranged in separate rooms to have a “blind dating” with each other. After considering another player as true love, the male player can propose to the female player, and then they can see each other for the first time. Next, the couple will enjoy a journey to know more about the other half, as well as to prepare for the following marriage.

Dating but no touching.

Along with the success of “Love Is Blind”, Netflix has decided to upgrade the difficulty for the next reality dating show. Instead of hearing but not seeing others, players can now see each other but touching is impossible.

Forever Disagreeing In Love

The two-minute trailer of “Too Hot To Handle” shows lots of funny situations players have to face. At first, they look so hot and stunning in sexy bikinis. They are eager to flirt each other for the first moments. And almost all of them feel surprised and disappointed with the nothing-to-say rules.

The climax of the trailer must be the scene in which two female players kiss each other passionately despite being fined. Every moment in the trailer seems to imply that these players will have countless difficulties during 04 weeks on the island.

There are lots of similarities between the structure of “Too Hot To Handle” and that of “Love Island” - a British reality dating series. “Love Island” sets up couples of players in advance, and takes them to an island to experience a new life with indigenous people. Each player can change her or his partner once a day.

Both of the series choose an isolated island as background; however, “Too Hot To Handle” allows players to choose any partner. They can be homosexual, bisexual, or even heterosexual. All are OK. The only issue is just no touching!!!

“Too Hot To Handle”, along with “Love Is Blind”, gives a familiar question of love: Do you spend time getting acquainted with the partner’s mind and personality, or are you attracted by their hot bodies at first? By removing the sex factor out of the love, “Too Hot To Handle” hopes to find out the more exact answer for all of us.

The contestant looks so stunning and sexy!

This reality dating show may be funny when all players try to follow the unpleasant rules, but it can be also a typical example for anyone who can’t refrain their instinct from desiring love and sex.

Or more ideally, all of our players will know how to listen to and respect their partners in a love relationship, instead of just satisfying themselves. “Too Hot To Handle” includes 08 episodes and promises to become as hot as “Love Is Blind” or even more.