These little angels used to rock the world due to their outstanding and lovely look. However, everyone may change over time and they are the same. They are still beautiful, charming but have something different.

They include Sidsel Boye Rasmussen, Kristina Pimenova, Lauren Lunde, and Duda Bundchen.

Sidsel Boye Rasmussen

Ranked No.1 on this list of 4 little angels is Sidsel Boye Rasmussen.  She is well-known for her excellent beauty. Back in 2014, 6 years ago, the 14-year-old girl was a Danish ballet dancer who raised the temperature due to her faultless beauty.


After only one video of her performance, Sidsel won the hearts of millions of netizens across the world. The netizens sent countless praise for her angel-like appearance. Even many called her Danish angel or a fairy in fairy tales.

Sidsel Performance

After many years, some feel curious about Sidsel’s current beauty. She is now 20 years old. However, there are no longer purity and cleanness in her beauty. Instead, she looks so incisive and of course, more mature. Some still fall in love with her strangely attractive look while others feel regretful about the changes on her face.

Sidsel Boye Rasmussen

Sidsel Mature

Kristina Pimenova

Kristina Pimenova from Russia has become popular as the most beautiful little angel in the world. Starting her career as a model since she was 3, the 2005-born girl rapidly became a famous little model due to her angel-like look and impressive fashion style.

Kristina Pimenova

With clear blue eyes, good-looking face, cloudy hair, and faultless white skin, she won the viewers’ love without any difficulty. Her beauty also helps her receive lots of lucrative ad contracts from many big fashion brands or magazines such as Vogue Italia, Armani, and Roberto Cavalli.

Kristina Pimenova Little Angels

At present, apart from her career as a model, Kristina Pimenova also focuses on advertising fashion and cosmetics for children. There haven’t been many changes in her face yet but they may come soon.

Kristina Mature

Kristina White

Lauren Lunde

Born in 2008, Lauren Hanna Lunde used to be recognized as one of the most popular little Korean models. Accordingly, her Korean-Canadian origin helps her possess lots of lovely contours. Lauren has naïve big eyes, brown hair, and smooth white skin.

Lauren Little Angel

9 years ago, Lauren was amongst the hottest little stars in Korea and attracted a large number of fans across Asia. She worked as a model of some well-known fashion brands such as Niki House, Rococo-I, and Gymboree.  Each costume that was endorsed by Lauren Lunde managed to be consumed at a huge scale. Therefore, it’s not hard to understand why she became the perfect choice of globally famous brands.

Lauren Lunde

Lauren Model

Lauren Sport

At the moment, the 12-year-old girl seldom appears on the television and focuses more on her study. However, she is reportedly good at singing and composing music. She can speak fluently two languages including English and Korea.

Duda Bundchen

The last name on the list of 4 little angels is Duda Bundchen - a niece of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She started her career with fashion since she was just a kid. She is not only a photo model but works in many ads and designs fashion for kids.

Duda Bundchen

Back in April 2012, with the support from Brazil’s famous fashion brand Brandili Mundi, Duda released her first collection under her name. Apart from her talent, her angel-like beauty used to rock social networks.

Duda Bundchen Model

Duda Bundchen’s look has a lot of changes, and she has become more attractive, elegant, and more mature.

Duda Bundchen Mature

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