As you may know, Tony Stark is considered a genius in weapons manufacturing. He is the owner of the strongest armor in the world of comics. Or does he? As a vast universe, there are suits in Marvel Comics that can match, even surpass those of the Iron Man’s.

So, let's go over the top 4 most powerful armors in the Marvel Universe that aren’t created by Iron Man.

1. The Asgardian Destroyer

During the Celestial's fourth invasion to judge the existence of the Earth, Odin built the Destroyer from Uru to fight them. The armor was originally hidden inside the Dark Temple but later Loki controlled it to fight Thor. Since its creation, the Destroyer has been used by Odin, Frigga, Loki, the Queen of fate Karnilla, the villain Diablo, and most recently Kid Loki, a younger version of Loki.

Top 4 marvel suits destroyer
The Destroyer once appeared in the movie Thors

Bringing the failure to the Celestial, the strength of this protective armor is not to be underestimated. It’s powerful enough to easily overwhelm Thor, Hercules, Heimdall, Fenrir wolves,... even the goddess of death Hela. The Destroyer can lift the Mjolnir and shatter it into pieces, manipulate materials, fire energy rays, and help its users resize. It even enabled Diablo to absorb the godly power in the universe, but then stopped by Thor and Iron Man.

Top 4 marvel suits destroyer 2
Odin can wear the armor himself

2. The Anti-Galactus Suit

Tony Stark isn’t the only genius who knows how to create armor. Reed Richards, the brain of the Fantastic Four, can also build his own. The Anti-Galactus suit first appeared in Fantastic Four No. 557 and was created to counter the Devourer of World Galactus. However, before it could confront him, the armor was mobilized to fight a giant robot that “smashed” superheroes to pieces. As a result, it easily crushed the robot with just one punch. According to Reed Richards, the Anti-Galactus suit costs 1 billion dollars every second to operate.

Top 4 marvel suits Anti Galactus Suit
The Anti-Galactus Suit is massive

3. The Infinity Armor

This armor was created in a different reality from the main universe of Earth-616. When the bugs of the Annihilation Wave swept through New Xandar and destroyed most of the Nova Corps. Together with the rest of the family, Anwen Bakian had to find a way to escape and survive. As her mother, Eve Bakian, the last soldier of the Nova Corps returned, Anwen was given the power to become a Nova to fight the giant bugs.

Top 4 marvel suits infinity
The Infinity Armor is another way to use the Infinity Stones

At this time, to revive the Nova army destroyed by the Behemoths, Eve Bakian decided to collect all six Infinity Stones. Together with Star-Lord, Gamora, and Groot, the Bakian family traveled to the city of Magus to collect the Soul Stone. However, they and Adam Warlock's team arose in conflict, leading to a fight over the Infinity Stones. Eve then used the Infinity Stones to create an armor called Infinity Armor.

Top 4 marvel suits infinity 2
Eve also uses a replica Gaunlet

To harness the full potential of the stone and transform herself into a living weapon, Eve altered the armor's structure to enhance its power. In the future of this reality, Thanos - with two Infinity Stones, was repeatedly beaten by the hands of a Nova warrior using the Infinity Armor.

4. The Godkiller Armor

First introduced in Iron Man #12 (2013), the Godkiller armor is one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe. Similar to the Celestials, the Aspirants are created by the First Firmament, the first entity representing the Marvel universe. Both sides fought a fierce battle. At the end of this battle, the Aspirants created a nearly five-mile-tall armor called the Godkiller. This armor has immense power, capable of destroying multiple planets. Thus, it can help the Aspirant to upturn the fight by eradicating most of the foes. 

Top 4 marvel suits Iron Man Godkiller Armor
Iron Man then recreated the GodKiller Armor himself

This caused a civil war between the Aspirants when the members of this race wanted to dismantle it to build battleships. This gives the Celestial forces time to recover and eventually win. Later, Tony Stark got a chance to test drive the armor but failed. His adopted son, Arnor Stark, is the true master of the Godkiller Armor.