Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world now with lots of famous streamers and interesting topics. There are also lots of interesting and funny stories related to this streaming platform, especially Twitch ban stories. Let’s check out 5 craziest reasons for being banned on Twitch here. 

Twitch Ban For Being A Bot

The first crazy and funny ban is for a Twitch certified bot. The Nightbot moderation tool created and owned by Twitch got a ban from this platform. What a joke! A falsified Digital Millennium Copyright Act shut down the operation of a bot Twitch created to help broadcasters keep their channels in order. 

Twitch Banned Their Nightbot
Twitch Banned Their Own Nightbot

Twitch Ban For Wearing Wrong Outfit

Clothing is one of the most popular reasons for the ban on Twitch. Last year, lots of streamers got banned on this platform for wearing the wrong outfit on the mainstream. However, the rule seems to not work well when many streamers faced no consequences even when wearing a bra while others got banned for not too provocative clothing. 

Twitch Clothing Ban
Twitch Clothing Ban Sometimes Is Mistaken

Twitch Ban For The Behavior You’ve Performed Hundreds Of Times Before

It would be really insane and crazy when you got a ban for the thing you’ve done hundreds of times before. Many streamers got such annoying ban last year. Dellor was one of them. The streamer got viral for the peripheral destroying stunts and gamer rage. However, Twitch recognized his behavior as “self-harm” and gave him a ban. Another case is Ambassador Xmiramira who got a 3-day ban for modding the game Sims 4 after having played the game in the same way for years.

Streamer Dellor Confirms Permanent Twitch Ban
Streamer Dellor Confirms Permanent Twitch Ban

Twitch Ban For Streaming With Permission

This unlucky streamer is PayMoneyWubby who got a wrong ban for streaming with permission. This streamer did the broadcasting in a restaurant after getting permission from the owner. However, Twitch mistakenly banned his channel for 5 days. But the problem is streaming with permission is banned why streaming without permission got no block, like Amouranth.

Twitch Mistakenly Banned Paymoneywubby
Twitch Mistakenly Banned PayMoneyWubby

Twitch Ban For Others’ Violation

This crazy reason is not fictional. Some streamers face consequences due to others’ mistakes. For example, two Fortnite streamers Clix and Khanada were banned after playing the game with Zayn, a controversial streamer. What an insane reason for the ban. But THump faced a wronger ban when a subscriber harassed other streamers in his stream. What a joke!

Streamer Khanada Was Banned For Playing With Zyan
Streamer Khanada Was Banned For Playing With Zyan