For those who ever have lived under a cave for the last 2 years, Ninja is one the most popular streamers on Twitch playing Fortnite. His real name is Richard Tyler Blevins, 27 years old. He lives in Chicago and started streaming many games on Twitch from 2011 until now, namely Halo 3, PUBG, Fortnite,...

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Ninja with Marshmello

Ninja broke several Twitch records last year and now he is having 14.5 million followers on Twitch, 22 million subscribers on Youtube. The man has actually become a celebrity instead of just a game streamer. He was invited to many popular shows, hung out with other celebrities, took part in Youtube Rewind, which basically appeared everywhere on the media. And now, he is trying to turn all that success into a book.

Ninja in Youtube Rewind

Ninja has closed his three-book deal with Random House and all three books will be published later this year.

The first book is called Ninja: Get Good, which is a guide to gaming with tips on subjects like gearing up, practicing with purpose, developing a streaming strategy, and pulling together the right team to become a professional player. Come along with it is the Ninja's Notebook, a journal for players to track their own progression on the way to the competitive scene. Ninja: Get Good is planned to be released in August.

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Ninja is having a new book

The final one he is going to take part in is the first part of a visual novel series, called Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game. This one is a fiction story where Ninja is trapped in a video game and has to fight for his survival to find a way back home. So it's basically Sword Art Online with Ninja being Kirito. I mean, the book is being co-authored by Justin Jordan who helped creating DC's "Green Lantern" franchise (not the movie), so I guess it won't be too much of a disaster. Felipe Magaña will responsible for the graphics and the book will be launched on December 3rd.

Sword Art Online Leaving Netflix
Is this book going to be an SAO rip-off?

The publishers of these products will be  Ten Speed Press and Clarkson Potter.

With this deal, Ninja is going to be the first mainstream streamer to publish a book. In a recent interview, Ninja revealed that he wanted to become more than just a Fornite streamer and this is his opportunity.