A Twitch streamer was very surprised when he woke up after falling asleep while livestream. His awakening video has been widely spread.

The main character in this story is JesseDStreams, he is a streamer of Twitch. He accidentally fell asleep for 3 hours while livestreaming. Then he slowly woke up and didn't know what was going on, but you could see his face glowing when he learned that 200 people were watching his live. Meanwhile, JesseDStreams usually only has 10 to 50 viewers in his channel videos. This made Twitch Streamer not believe his eyes.

JesseDStreams has been sleeping for 3 hours while doing a livestream

It sounds scary when there are 200 people watching someone take a nap, but his reactions are really priceless after that. He was very excited when there were more viewers than usual just to see him sleep. Although for many people, 200 views are not too impressive the clip has spread and earned 265,000 views on Twitch, as of the present time. The clip made many people interested in him and expected his next live broadcast.

When he had just woken up he greeted everyone, though he didn't realize how many people were there waiting for him. After a while realized, he said "I'm in shock, yes I am. There's 213 fucking people here, holy shit! "

You should know that fans have continued to interact with each other while he was sleeping. Besides asking what is going on, they still send donations to him.

Postman00, a Twitch user commented that his sleeping face should become the new sleeping emote of the platform.

After that, the video was shared widely in many platforms, including Reddit. It has received a lot of fun and positive reactions. A lot of people enjoyed it when they saw streamer dozing off while they were living. Many details during the time the livestream was shown by the viewers. This might say that some fans actually spent 3 hours watching this livestream.