It has just been a few day when a somewhat well-known streamer Cloneman16, whose real name is James D'Arcangelo, announced that Twitch’s streaming platform had temporarily banned him ever since the 18th of March.

The suspension that has been given to him is meant to last up to a whole month. The whole incident is due to the fact that he used a term which Twitch considers as offensive enough for them to jump into action as soon as they found out.

Screenshot 2
The tweet from the banned streamer

After the 30-day suspension of his had finally been officially confirmed by Twitch, he uploaded a tweet on Twitter in which he said that it was truly unfortunate to have been banned from the streaming platform on Twitch for 30 days. He also claimed that he was going to try his best to figure out a way to fix this.

To be more particular about the incident, the term that the streamer used was "mongoloid”. This is a quite offensive term that many have said to indicate people who suffered Down's Syndrome in the past.

Cloneman16 continued by saying that the reason of the incident was because of the conduct full of hatred of the term 'mongoloid'. He explained that he didn't really know the exact meaning of the word until after the incident had happened. He also expressed that he was truly apologetic for this.

Overwatch Paris Map
The streamer is known for playing Overwatch on Twitch.

James D'Arcangelo is widely known thanks to his streams that he shared with his viewers. In those streams, he usually plays Overwatch and you can easily find them on Twitch’s streaming platform. However, due to the recent incident, there is currently an extremely unfortunate situation where his viewers will be able to do nothing but wait for quite a long time before they are capable of tuning into another stream of him playing Overwatch again.