Beautiful streamer on Twitch QTCinderella was too shocked that she went speechless and had some really funny reaction when she received the biggest donation in her streaming career. And she got this donation in about 3 AM in the morning.

QTCinderella is known for her participation in some dating shows, but she also a very regular streamer of Twitch. And it happened during her stream on Monday, June 24th, QTCinderella was about to turn off her livestream to go to bed when she was shocked into silence when a random viewer donated her $7,000 dollars (nearly Rs 5 Lakh). This is the biggest donation this Twitch streamer ever got in her streaming career.

Qtcinderella Speechless 7k Donation
QTCinderella went speechless with the huge donation

Just as she was about to turn off her livestream, a new and huge donation showed up on the screen, telling her that a random user named ‘thankyou693’ had just made a $7,000 dollars (nearly Rs 5 Lakh) donation. Without a doubt, QTCinderella went speechless, and she had a super surprising face: mouth and eyes wide open.

In the attempt to check whether this was real, This Twitch streamer even went for a heart rate test. The result of the test showed that after she got a huge donation, her heartbeat rate has gone back to normal, about 100 BPM (Beats-per-minute). Because of the huge donation at 3 AM in the morning, QTCinderella kept on streaming for a few more hours to express her gratitude for their generosity.

If this Twitch streamer had gone offline just a few seconds earlier than expected, she would have missed a huge donation.