The announcement from Elon Musk must be amongst a chain of the most shocking news in a few recent days. We all know that the tech billionaire has earned fame on both the Internet and social media, and therefore, many feel shocked as he said to more than 3.5 crore followers on Twitter that he would take a break and stop using the social network for a while.

Elon Musk Twitter
Elon Musk announced he would leave Twitter. Is that true?

On his Twitter, he posted as follows: “Off Twitter for a while”. However, Elon Musk hasn’t given any other specific details or any explanation.

About 24 hours ago, Elon Musk, along with SpaceX, was sharing the incident of delivering two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. Additionally, he also made a post mentioning the death of George Floyd and the ongoing protest in the United States.

However, Elon Musk has faced lots of troubles for his shocking announcements on social networks.

Elon Leave Twitter
He made a short tweet.

Back in 2018, he posted a tweet saying that he was planning to redeem all the bonds of Tesla, leading to a fine of $20 million (about Rs 151 crore) from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In another incident, he referred to a diver who helped rescue Thai soccer players as a “pedo guy”.

In an interview with Bloomberg, tech billionaire Elon Musk admitted that his sayings were sometimes partly silly and he wished to draw some back. However, he also emphasized that he loved having direct communication with others, instead of via the press.

Elon Musk has had more than 3.5 crore followers on Twitter and this platform has obviously helped him to promote his own image, as well as for both Tesla and SpaceX. That’s why many have got shocked as Elon Musk said he would stop using social media.

He hasn’t revealed when he will once again sign in on Twitter or use other social networks instead. However, many believe that Elon Musk, at least, won’t choose Facebook because this tech billionaire and Facebook are enemies to each other. May we soon meet him on TikTok or a similar social network? Let’s wait for his next movements.