Revealing a romantic relationship is one of the most forbidden things female streamers want to avoid because all that they may face is a backlash from fans and netizens. That’s why those who reveal their lovers or even husbands seldom maintain as attractive as when they are still single. Not long before, a hot streamer called Mo Zimeng has been under controversy after a stranger suddenly appeared on her stream.

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Although she doesn’t steal the spotlight in the streaming community, beautiful Mo Zimeng is supposed to become a promising streamer. However, a recent situation may be a big challenge in her career. Things started when netizens suddenly discovered a strange man in a sleeping garment appeared behind the streamer on a live stream.

It worth mentioning that right when realizing he was on the camera, Mo Zimeng immediately turned off the camera and even left her streaming channel. However, she came back after a few minutes. The beautiful streamer said that she just adjusted some effects on her channel but no one believed her explanation. She finally had no choice but to reveal the true identity of this man, leading to the bigger controversy on the Internet.

To get more specific, Mo Zimeng said to her viewers that the water pipe at her house was broken and she asked the man living nearby for help. What she said became more suspicious than ever because it’s weird to hear that a plumber could wear such comfortable sleeping clothes and fix something in a girl’s house. The streamer then said he was just her younger brother but it’s not true. The man in question obviously looked much older than her and it’s hard to explain why she turned off the stream if he was just as she said.

Zimeng 1

While many have kept gossiping about her incident, a netizen revealed that the man may be her husband but Mo Zimeng didn’t dare to admit it. Their marriage turns out to last about 6 months. However, the streamer hasn’t yet given any explanation about this rumor.

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