Digimon World

The original Digimon World was released for PlayStation in 1990 and it was a major hit back then. Now, it is getting a fan-made Remake version with the modern Unreal Engine 4.


The main gameplay of the original game revolves around raising a Digimon since it was an egg until it fully grows up, then uses your Digimon to fight others. With age, your Digimon will start to " fadeaways, then you will have to start from egg level again. Despite the fact that it wasn't very popular with criticism and reviews at the time, the game still spawned several more spin-offs and sequels.

The remake game

Upcoming Digimon World Remake Game By Digicore 01

Youtube’s Digicore is the one that is working on the remake. As of the current development state, the developer has created a world that is big enough for players to roam around in. There is also a system that allows Digimon to interact, and even engage in battles, with each other. To summarize, this remake is arguably at a playable state and is not anymore just a concept.

However, we have to say that the creator still has to improve and polish the battle system. For now, it seems too slow and unresponsive to play. Furthermore, the attack animation and hit reaction are still pretty crude.

Upcoming Digimon World Remake Game By Digicore 02

Put aside the flaws, we should really appreciate Digicore for what they have done until now. Remember that most of the fan remake games are usually made by just one person, or perhaps a very small group. Because of that, most often these games would never get finished due to various issues. Game remaking is definitely a complicated task that requires a lot of effort and resource, and Digicore must have put in a lot of dedication to advance the game to its current state.

In an ironic way, this remake game has even more potential than the upcoming Digimon Survive game, which was officially developed. You could have a look at the remake game in the following video!