Coronavirus cases in India keep increasing while the Indian Government and authorities are attempting to control the situation. Although India is doing well in controlling and fighting against this pandemic, scientists warned that this country might see 13 lakh positive cases across the country by mid-May if it keeps increasing at this rate. Check out scientists’ warnings here.

India May Have 13 Lakh Coronavirus Cases By Mid-May

Researchers from the COV-IND-19 Study Group claimed that the frequency of coronavirus testing in India is still low. There have been only 11,500 subjects tested up to March 18th. 

Poor Coronavirus Test
Scientists also warned about the potential explosion of this pandemic

He wrote a post on Medium that it would be a disaster to the healthcare system of India which has been overstretched if it came to phase 2 or phase 3. He added that without a medical cure or vaccine yet, the health care system of this country would face increasing difficulty in controlling this pandemic. 

These scientists also warned about the potential explosion of this pandemic like in Italy or the USA if we don’t estimate the situation rightly. 

Coronavirus Cases In India May Reach 13 Lakh In Mi
Coronavirus Cases In India May Reach 13 Lakh By Mid-May

The group claimed that low frequency and scale of coronavirus testing might put India at risk. And the number of 13 lakh cases until mid-May is still at best underestimates based on the data in the early phase. They are afraid that the development of coronavirus pandemic in India is pretty similar to that of the US with a lag of about 13 days. It grows slowly at the early stages and suddenly explodes out of control.

An Alarm For India In Coronavirus Outbreak

They also pointed out two groups of people who are the most vulnerable to Covid-19. Moreover, they are also at higher risk of severe illness and death due to coronavirus: the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

Coronavirus Testing Rate In India Is Still Low
Coronavirus Testing Rate In India Is Still Low

This study group also warned that the healthcare system in India was the most overstretched. So, it’s hard to provide care if the situation is uncontrollable. The hospital bed per capita is also much lower than in other countries. So, the best way to prevent this pandemic from breaking out is following the Government’s quarantine regulation. 

City Lockdown Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
City Lockdown Is A Measure To Put The Situation Under Control

In an attempt to control the pandemic, the Indian Government issued a lockdown regulation to many big cities and states. People should stay at home and keep yourselves safe to help the country overcome this deadly pandemic.