According to data results by French research institute IFOP, 82 percent of women in the country said that they had watched adult videos at least once, as opposed to 99 percent of men. But UK-based The Sun revealed that only 66 percent of the country’s women like watching this type of content.

women watch adult content
It turns out that more women like watching p.o.r.n than you might think

What do women learn from adult content?

It’s an undeniable fact that many women are still not experienced in s.e.x though they are married. Some even feel shy each time they get intimate despite knowing that could displease their partners.

Therefore, watching adult content is a way to help women learn about s.e.x, such as various positions they can apply to make things more passionate and fun. However, it’s important to filter out what should and should not be learned because there are many positions that can actually be dangerous for couples.

In fact, a number of women still don’t understand their own bodies well, let alone knowing a man’s, especially the censored part. And this flaw can be fixed by watching 18+ videos. Women can see the bodies and a man’s facial expression during s.e.x to figure out what positions or parts can help increase the pleasure for their partners.

What do women learn from this content?
What do women learn from this content?

Many couples haven’t enjoyed s.e.x due to their different ways of doing this, often the man wants something that the woman doesn’t. In such cases, adult content can help encourage and increase the sexual desire in both the man and woman, making it easier and faster for them to get to the act passionately. Therefore, adult content is considered a way of improving s.e.x life.

Women prefer hard-core s.e.x

By analyzing data from adult content websites, Dr. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz from Havard University discovered that the majority of female users watch some very special content. He said that about 20 percent of the female users watch lesbian content, many of whom are heterosexual women.

But content that shows some violence towards women is popular with female users, even more than male users. The percentage of women watching hard-core content is almost the same in every part of the world and not related to how they are treated in real life, according to Davidowitz.

Many women like hard-core s.e.x
Many women like hard-core s.e.x

In fact, these findings are not surprising as previous studies had already pointed out that 62 percent of women like hard-core s.e.x. And adult content available on the internet has become a very convenient way for them to satisfy their curiosity without the fear of being judged by others. The word “s.e.x” is now the most searched keyword on the internet because many people are still in the dark about many things around this topic and for the average human, the more hidden something is, the more appealing it gets.

A fogy man tends to judge a woman’s integrity badly if she watches p.o.r.n though these two matters are completely irrelevant. But such content can actually be useful in providing the necessary information for women to handle sensitive situations.

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