Condoms have got familiar to people in modern society. However, not all know that before rubber ones have been available in the market, there used to be many various kinds of unique materials to produce these kinds of products you may never think.

Where did the first condom appear?

The word “condom” derived from “condus” which means a jar or a box in the Latin language. It’s not surprising that many misunderstand that the Romans were the first ones to produce and use condoms. However, the fact is a completely different story.

Ancient Condoms

According to many of the earliest documents about these vital products, the Egyptians were the first ones to use them about 1000 years ago. While researching ancient paintings by the Egyptians, some researchers used to draw images of depicting using condoms about 900 years ago. Also in this period, people found out many paintings with the same content in Europe.

The first-known condom was made of leather without any lubricant. However, many historians believed that at that time, ancient people managed to create some lubricants such as animal fats or plant slime to facilitate the usage of condoms. It is a big pity that there has been no specific document about this assumption.

Ancient Egyptian

Condoms Made From Intestines: The Creepiest Inventions Of The Romans

While the Egyptians used leather to make condoms, the Romans seemed to go further. They chose a kind of creepy material you may never guess: enemies’ intestines.

Condom Roman

Besides these two kinds of products, some of the most popular products were made from the bladder (in China), seaweed, and tortoiseshell in Japan.

There were a variety of materials for condom production; however, the most popular and easiest-to-make products were made from the guts of livestock such as sheep or goats.

Condoms Were Made From Linen In Italia

Although they were used in Egypt, Europe, and Japan before Christ, no document has been found mentioning the identity of the first users.

Gold Condom

The first one to use condoms publicly was allegedly Gabrielle - an Italian. He used linen ones in front of thousands of viewers to prove that condoms were an ideal option to prevent the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease in Italy in the 15th century - syphilis.

In the 17th century, they started being sold widely at stores. In the 18th century, the materials were developed to a higher level. Accordingly, instead of using linen as in the previous centuries, people chose to utilize rubber. The advantages of this new material included better elasticity and a better ability to save sperms than other ones.

Since 1930, condoms have started being produced from rubber latex and become the modern version we have used.

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