India is about to take one big first step to get closer to the technology era like in those sci-fi movies. On June 17, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of India will be hosting and chairing a meeting between ministries to finalize the list of 5G spectrum bands that would be used in India. The list will be revealed in October at the World Radiocommunication Conference of the International Telecom Union, which takes place in Egypt

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The 5G technology will bring a lot of great things to our life

The process of finalizing the list would include the careful analysis of the 5G rollouts from the representatives of DoT, Defence Ministry, Doordarshan, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), and Airports Authority of India (AAI) with private companies in chip making and tele communicating field.

What can we expect from DoT 5G band auction

The meeting by DoT is also auction of price for 5G. Although we can only hear about the result of this meeting when everything is ready (which will take some time for the government to prepare), we have listed out below the things that are likely to be done in the meeting. Those are also the things we will be likely be announced as the results of the meeting.

-    Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been suggested by DoT to raise the base price of the next spectrum to be higher than the last auctions. The intention of this price raise is that they can sustain revenue from the industry and thus, ensure the supply of case in case of need.

-    With the previous spectrum band has expired after the contract that lasted 20 years, there would be more room in the field for private firms to compete and take part.

5G field is open for private companies

-    In August 2018, the suggested prices for the next-generation 5G spectrum band stood at Rs 492 crore for one unit. At this moment, it remains unclear how much the price has raised. The higher prices are likely to stop the competing firms from buying bands, which they think to be too expensive. On the other hand, they might still jump in for the idea of getting a piece of the 5G pie. No one can tell which way it will be.

-    Germany raised the amount of 6.6 billion euro in the 5G airwaves auction in the country, which is approximately Rs fifty two thousand crores (yep, you heard it right, Rs 52,000 crores). There’s a likelihood that India would raise about the same amount of money.

-    In the list of spectrum bands, 5G airwaves are likely to be in the 600 MHz, 1.4 GHz, 2.6 GHz, 4.8 GHz, 26 GHz, 31GHz, 47 GHz and the E&V bands. The E&V bands may consist of 71-to-86-GHz and 71-to-86-GHz ranges.

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People in India use smartphone a lot, so 5G will certainly benefit us

-    The India inter-ministerial meeting will decide which bands can be supported worldwide. To do this properly, the ministers will consult the opinions of the experts in this field, then India will present the result of this meeting in the World Radiocommunication Conference of the International Telecom Union in Egypt this October. In this conference, the International Telecom Union will also choose the globally assigned 5G spectrum bands.

-    As 5G is explicitly defined, it has a long list of requirements to meet to be qualified. For example, 5G networks require 1 to 10 Gbps connections to end points in the field. Moreover, the 5G requirement list also includes 1 millisecond end-to-end round trip delay – latency, and 1000x bandwidth per unit area.

-    5G networks are expected to have a perception of 99.999% availability and perception of 100% coverage, not just some cool networks that only a few people have.

-    The main goal of the next generation networks is not only to be fast (faster than the current one, both wireless and wired), but also to be more far-reaching and energy efficient that 5G worth setting up.

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5G is the key to enter the new technology era

How will 5G serve our life much better than 3G and 4G

If you have not been sure what can 5G network do, we also have listed down here some great features of 5G network. The 5G network will not be instantly delivered to us in the near future, as the implementation and the test runs for the 5G network might take up to years. But when this technology is officially applied, it will have the great features we list below. 

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5G has a lot of advantages in comparison with older network

- 5G will offer its users so much more than the current 4G networks if the implementation is correct. These offerings include better coverage, faster speed, and the capability of supporting thousands of connection in one area with only slight slowdown.  

- With 5G connection, everything will be faster as the download speeds increase by ten times while the latency decreased by 20 times. This means that your Netflix, your browsing, and your smart devices would be faster once connected to and kinds of the 5G networks.

- However, to get 5G, we have to build infrastructure first, which in the end would depend on firms competing with each other in the telecom industry. And for this to happen, the tele communicating private companies need hardware.

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We can have a much better life with the help of 5G

- Companies such as Ericsson and Huawei have not conducted any trials of the 5G airwaves. Additionally, the rollouts of 5G network would first start at developed countries such as the U.S., Japan, and South Korea, from 2020 and then around the world. The earliest time for 5G to be in India is best expected to be in 2021.

- Nevertheless, once the 5G network arrives, it would make a lot of changes in how industries and business function. Regarding smart vehicle, with 5G connection available, smart cars will find it easier to process and connect, which may lead to automated public transport, self-driving cars, and many more.

- 5G can also have an impact on healthcare as it would make healthcare more accessible, even to isolated and impoverished areas. It would be possible for doctors to perform remote surgeries, providing the best healthcare anywhere in the country.

- Smart cities may come to reality with the support of the Internet of things devices and the new 5G network.

It is only a matter of time for things to fall into places and eventually work, taking us to a brighter future.