One of the worst nightmares of students in schools is the final exam. Not only it is the hardest one, but it is also the decisive exam that has a great effect on the result of your whole year. Unless you are that kid who always has the best grade in the class, you must feel quite stressful when you are doing the final exam.

Bikini 2

But this Japanese YouTuber raised the question "Do students feel less stress during an exam if the environment changes?". Particularly, will you do better in your exam if you are surrounded by girls wearing a bikini? Let's check out the video below and find out.

The experience started with the guy doing his test alone and then doing his test in a room full of other guys to measure the results. The third time, he did the exam in a room full of girls in a uniform. Finally, he filled the room with hot girls wearing a bikini.

Bikini 1

Bikini 3

Bikini 4

In the end, he got the best result when he did it alone and the worst results when in the room full of girls with uniforms.

I don't know if my score is going to improve in this final exam, but I definitely want to be in this class with full bikini girls, just for research purposes and nothing else.

Exam Girl Bikini

Exam Girl Bikini 1
Just act naturally, they are just super hot girls in bikini, nothing unusual at all

Exam Girl Bikini 2

Japanese has always been the place that you can find the weirdest things ever. And things like this not only happen on the internet but on many TV shows in Japan as well.

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