For many people, YouTube is now considered as a potential land that promises to help them improve their income and draw huge attention in a short time. That’s why there have been lots of YouTubers along with diverse content that sometimes contains shocking news.

Korean Youtuber

However, in Korea, there is a female YouTuber who seems to go against the above criteria. With the simple content, her video just shows her doing only one action many times: repeat putting on and off her clothes on the live stream. It’s surprising that her similar videos have still drawn huge attention from the viewers and the number of her followers has kept rapidly increasing.

She is Sae - a beautiful YouTuber at the age of 27. The audience just needs to watch her video one time to know how simple she makes videos. Accordingly, at the beginning of the video, Sae wears sexy underwear and there are lots of eye-catchy clothes on the hangers nearby.

Youtuber Sae

Sae Spring Summer

All that this YouTuber does is simply to put on her clothes, pose sexy or stunning before taking off them, show herself once again in the initial underwear, and repeat these actions. After about 10 minutes or more, she manages to create a hot video by adding some background music.

Korea Youtube


It is said that each YouTube video of Sae has collected the 6-digit number of views - the number many streamers and YouTubers desire. It worth mentioning that how she creates video so easily that everybody can do the same (but of course, the results are totally different). We can deny that Sae’s sexiness is the key to her success but it must still comply with the Terms of Service of YouTube. It’s not exaggerated to say that Sae is too good at deflecting rules.

In fact, what Sae does in her videos becomes a new hot trend on YouTube. In addition to her, there are lots of other YouTubers to earn views by putting on and off their clothes. However, the most important thing to help them gain success may be due to their beauty or sexiness.

Sae Short

Sae Summer

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