Currently, Japan is in a state of total lockdown due to quarantine, and social activities are kept to a minimum. Therefore, most businesses are not allowed to operate, which also applies to the adult film industry and the people involved.

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing home
Yui Hatano is staying home during the pandemic

The JAV Idols are mainly living in the capital of the country of cherry blossoms. Since the government declared a state of emergency, most of them have complied and limited going out. Instead, they spend more time at home doing things they enjoy or what they rarely have the chance to do. 

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing bother
The famous idol doesn't seem to be bothered by the quarantine

Yui Hatano is one of the cases that fans are interested in. Unlike others, she seemed to prefer staying at home than going out on the streets on normal days. Therefore, the quarantine due to the epidemic doesn’t bother her as much. However, what makes many fans intrigued recently is that she is starting to interact with them more than before.

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing home
Fans are happy because Hatano can now interact with them more

Hatano is also spending a lot of time playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. This is one of the hottest games in Japan at the moment with more than 13 million copies have been sold.

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing play
Yui Hatano is also a fan of the Nintendo Switch

In the world of Animal Crossing, the interesting thing is that you can build anything you like, not tied or confined to a specific standard. Therefore, players can customize anything they want, such as farms, parks, zoos, or even stadiums.

Hatano Yui Animal Crossing 1
Her tweet revealing her "unique" creation

With Yui Hatano, she chose something quite familiar and attached to her job - an adult film studio. Indeed, Hatano's "virtual studio" is quite complete when it has all the essentials of a JAV studio such as camera, bed, dressing table, sofa, etc. Being a senior in the industry, it’s not surprising for Yui Hatano to be able to make things so real.

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing detail
The studio is built with crazy details

Immediately after posting, the "unique" construction of Yui Hatano excited made many netizens. There have been many praising comments as well as jokes asking whether she could build more things related to her profession.

Currently, Yui Hatano shared that she is still playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons regularly, but less frequently than before. Yui herself also spent time hanging out with friends online, or organizing an online drinking party, and interacting with fans. Hopefully, Yui Hatano will bring more interesting things to her fans soon.

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing 1

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing 2

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing 3

Yui Hatano Animal Crossing 4