At the moment, eSports has kept developing rapidly and been recognized as a million-dollar industry in the world. That leads to the appearance of many schools and eSports universities in a bid to meet the demands to become pro gamers via competitions. However, becoming a student in such a university doesn’t mean you finish your dream because you can still fail or even relearn any class as usual.

Playing games all day sometimes is not as exciting as we think.

The gamer in the following incident is an example. With his dream to become an eSports master or doctor, he was eager to ask his parents for a big sum of money to enlist an eSports university. In the beginning, he felt so excited about playing games every day and not having to learn boring classes but the reality is always crueler than we can think.

Esports School
There are now lots of eSports schools and universities across the world.

This gamer has realized that there have been lots of difficulties in studying classes at this university. And a few days ago, he got a big shock as seeing his results for the first time. Accordingly, the gamer from Japan will have to repeat a class because he can’t pass a class called Apex Legends - a survival game.

Failed Esports Class
This Japanese gamer never thinks that he could fail Apex Legends.

It worth mentioning that the fee in this university is so high that he had to cry out on the Internet to relieve stress. He also admitted he had never thought that it’s too difficult to pass eSports classes.

It may be due to this guy’s simple thinking because this eSports university, in fact, specializes in training pro gamers and it’s obvious that sitting on the top 1 isn’t enough to be passed to the next grade level. Let’s wish this poor gamer to experience a lucky class year in the next semester!