We have just received a piece of kinda interesting news from T1 Entertainment & Sports. They are originally a joint-venture between Comcast Spectator and SK Telecom and now they have teamed up with FACEIT for an upcoming event of Invitational with Apex Legends by the end of this month.

This event will have the prize pool of 22 thousand dollars and it will start at exact 4 pm CT on the 30th of March. They will stream this event on the channels of FACEIT and T1 Entertainment & Sports. This event has a list of participants full of professional players and popular streamers who were invited by T1 Entertainment & Sports.

We still have to wait for more details about this Apex Invitational but I think that we will have them soon enough one week prior to the event.

The owner of Philadelphia Fusion - a well-known Overwatch League team, Comcast Spectator and their partner SK Telecom have revealed their esport joint venture back in February. That is also when they began to lay out the plan to creating many teams to compete all over the spectrum of esports from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to battle royale kind of games.

Faceit And Rebranded Skt T1 Will Host An Apex Lege
The announcement

Following its own creation, T1 has adopted the branding of SK Telecom’s World Champion LOL team, but they have renamed it to go with the new structure of the organization.

Owning a LoL esports team is not enough for the ambition of T1

Since then, T1 has recruited two new Pros in Battle Royale, they are the experts in competing and streaming in many battle royale titles. On the other hand, the company has also recruited for its pro Apex team - Haydin Gordon “Zerg”, Kurtis Gallo “Kurt”, and Brendan  Jensen “BCJ”.

Also as part of the marketing campaign, Michele Attisani - FACEIT's Co-Founder & CBO has stated some comments. In his opinion, Apex Legends is very famous right now and it has gained quite a big market share. The whole battle royale genre has really taken off with tremendous development in the past few years. He thinks that it will be interesting to see how the well the invitational will do on Twitch.

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Michele Attisani - FACEIT's Co-Founder & CBO