Zerah Gonsalves was considered as Lara Croft of the Indian gaming industry because she was one of the first DOTA 2 female professional players in India. She is now switched to become a professional eSports caster.

Shagufta Iqbal is also another example, she plays for Global eSport team and is a great player at almost every major title such as CSGO, Overwatch, PUBG, and Fortnite. Her daytime job is a teacher, but when the night comes, she is a hardcore gamer just like every other guy. DOTA 2 and CS 1.6 brought her to gaming and now she is a game streamer with more than 55K subscribers.

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Shagufta Iqbal

The gaming territory is no longer for men only. Anand Subramanya, the director of product marketing from Dell India, thinks that the involvement of females in gaming has been increasing in the form of cosplayers, shoutcasters, and streamers in events and tournaments like DreamHack or The International. There are still very few women in the scene but the trend might change this situation in the future.

From a 2018 study by Dell in 11 countries including India, we found out that more than 80% of players don't care about the gender of their opponent and 52% of players know a female friend who plays video games.

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Girls in eSport tournament are not so rare anymore

Although women are making more and more impact on the Indian gaming industry, it hasn't always been easy. Parents will always be a big obstacle since lots of parents are still having a bad impression of gaming as a career. Also, people have always been seeing women as non-gamers in the past, so they don't take women as seriously as men when it comes to gaming.

Ibakodor K. Lynser, who has participated in more than 770 online tournaments on Mobile Premier League, thinks that in the streaming career of women, they have to take lots of harassment and judgment from everyone else. That is the reason why they afraid of revealing their identity to the public.

Saloni Pawar, a semi-pro CS:GO player and a Twitch streamer, also thinks women should be treated equally as men in gaming and deserve the respect.

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Saloni Pawar

However, to take up gaming as a full-time job is a struggling road for both men and women in India. In order to build a strong eSport scene, gamers need organizations to provide a strong structure and a safety net if they fail to win tournaments.

Zerah Gonsalves, one of the first women in the Indian eSport scene

Gonsalves became a commentator so she can stay true to her passion. Professional gamer is a high-risk job with almost no payment or structure so she decided to work around it and picked a more suitable career. Also being a caster helped her a lot with improving her gaming skills and knowledge.

The growth of streaming services like Youtube and Twitch also contributed to the growth of women gamers.

pindaPanda - A famous DOTA 2 Youtuber and streamer

Gonsalves thinks Youtube and Twitch are great places for content creators to gain reputation and build their brand. It provides a platform with money from sponsors and donations to support gamers.