There's a Latina category on every major porn sites, and they have a good reason to do that. I mean, just look at the beauty of Latina adult movie actresses: toned skin, deep brown eyes and fiery bodies, people will never get sick of those senoritas!

Some studies even point out that there's a stereotype that the Latinas women are hyper-sexualized due to the fact that their family often have a lot of kids. We don't know this was correct or not at this moment, but the Latina adult movie starlets down here will show you how crazy they can be!

Without further ado, we invite you to the list of 10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actress in 2019! Let's get to the first girl:

1. Baby Nicols

Date of Birth: 1995

Nationality: Venezuelan

We'll start this list with the beautiful Venezuelan - Baby Nicols - the cute type of doll that men adore. Doesn't own a scorchingly hot body - she leans more toward her beautiful face and the cuteness of a small obeying pixie. Her tits' size is only 34AA, but her butts are round and will bounce like a water balloon every time ones smack it.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 1
What's tastier - the cereal or this beautiful Latina porn actress?

Baby Nicols is still very young and only joined the industry in 2018, so her assets still look very new and durable. Baby has only filmed over 15 movies now, but that number is rising every month, and all of them are just mere pornographic masterpiece. Her tiny squeezing 'little girl' loves hard dudes, her skills and moans will definitely raise us up to more than we can be!

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 2
You can see her getting pounded by the fake taxi cab

2. Veronica Leal 

Date of Birth: 1993

Nationality: Colombian

Continuing with another skinny girl - Veronica Leal has the look of an elf with small boobs. She's tall, her waist is very tiny and flexible, which will bend like a rubber band when you provide certain force onto it. Her bra size is C - definitely not the biggest in the industry, but is enough for those tired of those fake or enhanced tits all over the place.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 3
Would you put this into Veronica Leal's mouth?

This 25-year-old starlet is one of the lightest among other porn actresses - only 99 pounds (44kg), but her squirting is heavenly. Furthermore, Veronica never forgets to leave a smile on her face even when she was dominated by two dudes. In fact, she loves being double penetrated, and see her firing her water gun in both VR and 4k on Bangbros and Legal Porno.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 4
Veronica Leal may be very skinny, but her water firing power is very strong!

3. Matilde Ramos

Date of Birth: 1994

Nationality: Colombian

Matilde Ramos is the next Colombian starlet to follow Veronica to star on this list. Unlike her senior, Matilde owns a brunette look with the strange flat bangs that we haven't seen in a while. Her bottoms are round and meaty, which will take your mind and consciousness away with several bounces. Most of her scenes are ass-filled, so if you're a butt lover, you will love her acting till death!

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 5
Matilde Ramos is also known as Mathilda Ramos

Shooting 18+ movies since she was 18, Matilde Ramos still keeps her body very natural: no tattoos, no piercing, no enhancement - just like her in the first movie. You might think that this girl is a typical nerd with the glasses and the bangs, but she's actually a party slut, who is down for any kind of booze and any number of sticks. She stars in many genres, from deepthroat to double penetration.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 6
Matilde looks great in erotic Chinese outfits!

4. Natasha Teen

Date of Birth: 1990

Nationality: Colombian

Colombia is a good land that delivers the wildest Latina adult movie actresses, and Natasha Teen is definitely the leader of the newcomers. In fact, she's the most hardcore actress so far in this list, as she always desires more than one stick to play with. She's one of few actresses that start their career with a double-penetration scene and still continue to love it even more now.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 7
Natasha Teen is the rare Latina actress with the Northern European look!

Natasha Teen is definitely not a teen anymore, but she is stunningly beautiful, having a nice-formed body with wide hips and huge butts.  Many people admire her ass, but she's actually famous for her anal scenes. If she can't get the sticks she needs for her holes, she'll find some toys to fill that instead.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 8
She loves long hard sticks, and she needs more than one to hit climax!

5. Autumn Falls

Date of Birth: 2000

Nationality: American

Stepping out of the cute flat-chested girl, finally, we have someone with voluptuous boobs that match her ass. Many people are jealous of Autumn Falls, since she owns the assets that are not supposed to appear on a 19-year-old girl. Her boobs are 34DD-sized, not the biggest in the industry, but more than enough to sandwich some sausages between.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 9
Autumn Fall is just 19 years old!

Autumn Falls looks the most like a Latina babe in this list, and she has appeared in the porn industry for only one year. However, she has filmed more than 30 movies now, spreading from many major 18+ sites such as Brazzers, Passion HD, and Vixen. Her career is going uphill, and we can see this young girl acting in more genres in the future.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 10
She's a Vixen girl now

6. Andreina De Luxe

Date of Birth: 1992

Nationality: Venezuelan

Andreina De Lux was born in Venezuela - the land that gives birth to many Miss World. However, her family moves to Colombia when she was very young, and you know what happens next. Andreina grew up to be a beautiful Latina girl with wide hips and big butts, and soon inherit the wildness of this country.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 11
Her hip is very impressive!

She used to work as a lawyer prior to her pornographic career, but office works are too boring for a wild soul. She soon started a new journey to the land of ecstasy, working as a porn model before filming her first movie in 2018. If you love unmatching huge asses, then Andreina De Luxe will go right into your favorite list!

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 12
Her ass definitely doesn't match her slim waist!

7. Victoria June

Date of Birth: 1992

Nationality: American

Victoria June will match the first image in your head when thinking about a hot Latina bombshell. Thick lips, expressive face, an E-cup pair of boobs and a respectable ass that can bury any man - that's what this girl has. She used to work for a health care institution as well, so she definitely knows how to look after and satisfy your stiffy dudes.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 14
Victoria June has a nice pair of melon-sized breasts!

Victoria June is one of the most active actresses in this list, as she has filmed over 80 movies within only two years in the adult entertainment industry. Men love her because she contributes everything she got to make love, and show the climax with squirts in the end. Apart from that, she does some creampie, anal and interracial 18+ movies as well.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 13
This girl does squirt a lot!

8. Canela Skin

Date of Birth: 1991

Nationality: Colombian

Canela Skin is the actress with the wildest monstrous asses in this list particularly and maybe all of the industry. Her bubbly butts can easily make a lot of twerking models on Instagram goes extremely jealous, and she knows how to use it for her goods in her videos. She has no problems having men bowing and shove their face to her big round butt cheeks.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 16
Her butt is not only huge but also very alluring

And to match her body much more alluring, she has enhanced her breast slightly to make it 34C, embellishing it with a diamond tattoo right below. Canela has worked with a lot of major studios such as Brazzers, Legal Porno or Reality Kings, filming a total of 45 movies for now.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 15
Her boobs are enhanced to 34C

9. Eliza Ibarra

Date of Birth: 1997

Nationality: Mexican-American

Adding the cherry on top of her typical sexy Latina body, Eliza Ibarra has a very beautiful face with a brunette look. Her ass might not be the biggest in this list, but it's definitely the nicest-shaped one, which makes this tall babe really standing out. And if the performers feel that her long legs are kind of obstructive, they can feel free to put them behind her head and pump her like a pretzel!

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 17
Eliza Ibarra knows how great her assets are

This young girl loves to play the role of a beautiful schoolgirl with 34B tits that tastes like hot chocolate. Don't underestimate this girl, since she doesn't only have a beautiful face but also some brilliant skills and stamina as well. She used to grind her counterpart Bruce Ventura for 4 hours straight, and still have some desire under her sleeves!

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 18
She loves to act as a schoolgirl

10. Ella Knox

Date of Birth: 1993

Nationality: American

Capping this list will Ella Knox - a curvy Latina bombshell with meats on both her top and bottom. Her body is very impressive with 34D cup boobs and matching fiery ass. Having a closer look, you can see Ella Knox really looks like Mia Khalifa, both her face and her body. You can say that she's the young Latina Mia Khalifa if you want.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 19
She looks quite similar to Mia Khalifa

Over 130 videos in just two years of acting for the adult entertainment industry is very impressive, and you can find them mostly everywhere on the Internet. Her movies are all worth watching, but the best ones lie in the solo, creampie, and lesbian genre.

10 Sexiest New Latina Adult Movie Actresses 20
Ella Knox still has a long way to go


If you're really into the adult movie actresses with toned skin, wide hip and the bouncy butt of twerkers, those starlets above definitely worth searching for.

Hopefully, you enjoy this article, and you can find other lists of porn actress on Gurugamer here, here and here.