Whenever Android users seek new games, they often get confused by the huge number of games that Google Play Store offers. Finding the best Android games seems to be an impossible mission.

While famous games like Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Asphalt were on the Play Store charts for such a long time, other games might not be able to make it to the top rank. Some great quality games flopped just because their launching was badly timed.

Here are the best 10 games that you might have missed, arranged in alphabetical order.

The games on the list are from various genres, from free apps to premium games, so hopefully, everyone can find at least one game to choose from.

  1. Agent A

Agent A: A puzzle In Disguise is the perfect combination of adventure and escape type of game. The graphics of this game are inspired by the 60s style. The twists of the game are tricky but not too hard to make you frustrated.

One bad thing about the game is that it is not completed. Players pay $4.99 for the game and get 5 episodes, and the final one will not be published until the end of this year.

  1. Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is a city builder game, where the utmost aim of players is to please the city’s citizens.

This game was put on the list because the concept behind it is the ‘undertaking’. However, the animated aesthetic did not match the concept, and that seems to be the reason behind the obscurity of the game.

  1. Devil’s Attorney

Devil’s Attorney is described as a fun and addictive turn-based strategy game. Focusing on the life of a criminal defense attorney, it is considered to be a great alternative to the Ace Attorney series. It takes you $4.99 to experience this lawyer-em-up game.

  1. Potion Explosion

Potion Explosion

Many board game fans are properly familiar with this name. The mobile version of award-winning board game Potion Explosion is ranked as something easy to pick up but hard to master.

The game offers both solo and competition mode, where players can challenge their friends or random strangers online.

  1. Returner 77
Returner 77
The mysterious Returner 77

Returner 77 is not just like any other pick-up-and-play games: the game has a storyline behind it that keeps you playing.

The challenges and the puzzles of this game fit the story well, creating a sense of mystery. You can purchase the game with $4.99 without any ads or further in-app purchase.

  1. Ridiculous Fishing

This should be the top pick for anyone who loves fun games.

Ridiculous Fishing shows an entire concept of going fishing. Players will try to reach the bottom without touching the fish before pulling the line back and shooting all the fished they grabbed towards the sky. There are plenty of weapons and update items that they can choose from.

  1. Sparkle

The idea behind Sparkle is just like Puzzle Bobble, but here the bubbles move around instead. The art is simple, the music is great, the game is enjoyable – an old but gold game.

There are many game modes and powers for players to try out. The thoughtful developers even created the color-blind version for everyone to play.

  1. Stick Sports Games
Logo Stick Sports V Rendered 1
Sport lovers should be amazed by these games

Stick Sports is a series of different sport games, all are so addictive that make it so hard for us to name one game that stands out. Instead, we decided to put only Stick Sports here and suggest that you try them all.

There might be some in-add purchases in most of the games, but most players said that they worth every penny.

  1. Sword of Xolan

With its pixel-art style, Sword of Xolan totally reminds players of the old time retro games. This action-fantasy platformer is so addictive with up to 30 levels, following the journey of Xolan to fight against his enemies.

Sword of Xolan would be the perfect Android game, except for this drawback: there will be no Sword of Xolan 2.

  1. Vampire’s Fall: Origins
Vampire's Fall: Origins
Vampire's Fall: Origins is a turn-based Diablo-esque game

The game brings the RPG feeling in the medieval setting. It is quite like Arcanum and Inquisitor, but the tasks are not as complicated. There are many twists and some fun features that are RPG-relating.

The game is definitely one of the best game considering classic RPG, and what is even better: it is free.