Chopper Commando is an upcoming retro-styled 2D action game for iOS that aims to revive the classic Gameboy titles on the mobile platform. The setting takes place in 1987, when a secret commando unit was tasked with testing a match one attack chopper. Equipped with the most powerful, most advanced weapons available to date, this chopper was supposed to be their ultimate trump card in the war to come.

Chopper Commando Trailer

Unfortunately, due to unreasonable deadlines from the higher-ups, the research & development team was severely overworked, and so the chopper was pushed out in an incomplete state and was definitely not ready for combat. As a result, the test flights will surely be perilous. Lots of things can go wrong, so you must be prepared for any unexpected situation.

In term of gameplay, Chopper Commando offers a total of 7 levels for you to play through, all of which are procedurally-generated, ensuring that no two runs (or flights, in this case) will be the same. As you play, you can try to complete various challenges to unlock more weapons as well as vehicles.

Chopper Commando 696x398
7 procedurally-generated levels to play through

Aside from the main campaign, there are also several other modes for you to experiment around with. There’s the Endless mode for those who just want some straight action to jump into and see how far they can get. Then there are also the “Timed Flights” and “Set Destination” modes for those who want some extra challenges on top of the conventional gameplay. With 6 unique choppers to choose from and 8 distinct weapon systems, you will be able to customize your flight experience however you wish to suit your liking.

Chopper Commando Weapon
Plenty of weapons and vehicles to unlock

Chopper Commando will arrive on iOS next month on August 6. According to its App Store page, the game will be a free release, so we should expect it to contain some ads and in-app purchases.