When developer Mika Mobile first announced Battleheart Legacy way back in 2013, it was quite a big thing among the mobile gaming community. The original Battleheart practically invented the line-drawing combat system that has since then been adopted by tons of other titles. Moreover, it allowed you to experiment around with various party rosters to see which ones were effective and which weren’t.

Battleheart Legacy, released in 2014, overhauled the world, the characters, the enemies – basically the entire experience – into full 3D while still keeping that core idea. Over the past five years, it has managed to quite a sizable fanbase and has achieved somewhat of a cult status.

Battleheart Legacy Trailer

That said, there was an issue with all of this: The game hasn’t been updated since forever. The last update it got was four years ago, in the fall of 2015, and so the whole thing feels pitifully outdated while played on the cutting-edge screens of modern devices.

Battleheart Legacy Review Iphone1
Battleheart Legacy overhauled the original Battleheart experience and turned it into 3D

And that’s where the good news comes in: Mika Mobile has recently announced on its Twitter page that Battleheart Legacy is getting an update in the near future, which will add support for modern resolutions.

But wait, there’s more: The game will also be released on Steam, making it the second Mika game (next to Lost Frontier) to come to PC. Meanwhile, on the mobile scene, it'll also become one of the only 2 games from this developer to support full-screen iOS devices – the other one being Battleheart 2.

Battleheart Legacy Combat
The game is also coming to Steam

While it’d be great if the rest of Mika’s works could get a similar treatment, we’re just happy to see this classic revived for modern devices. Additionally, the studio is reportedly working on a new game at the moment, so we’ll also be having something new to look forward to in the future.

Mike has not confirmed an exact release date for this Battleheart Legacy update, but we’ll be sure to let you know when there’s more information. Stay tuned!