Like the character system, pets also play a vital role in Garena Free Fire. They have special abilities that can aid players on the virtual battleground. Survivors can purchase pets from the in-game store. They come with different price tags depending on the demand and usability.

However, some pets are just not as useful as others for the same price. Here are the top 3 Free Fire pets that offer way too little for their prices!

#1 - Shiba

The Shiba may look cute, but he's not up for much in Garena Free Fire. He has an ability called Mushroom Sense. At level 1, it marks one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds. The mark stays visible for 30 seconds.

Shiba in Free Fire
Pet Shiba in Free Fire

However, this pet comes in at a whopping 699 Diamonds. And since his ability only marks one mushroom surrounding the map in 180 seconds, he's not worth the investment. Equipping such an expensive pet for a single mushroom at a time is not a great idea. We only recommend buying the Shiba to complete your collection!

Kitty is one of the two pets in Free Fire that do not have an ability. It costs 299 Diamonds but only for aesthetic purposes. Once again, we only recommend buying this pet when you really want to have a company in the game.

Free Fire Kitty
Only Buy Kitty If You Really Love Having A Cat As Your Companion

#3 - Mechanical Pup

The Mechanical Pup is known for its actions or emotes. It offers five unique actions that can be displayed in both the lobby as well as on the battleground. The pet also comes with a skin - Lightning Pup.

If you are looking for a decorative pet, this one will fit the bill! He's available in the store for 299 Diamonds. But he's not exactly a steal if you're looking for a pet with a suitable ability.

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