Without saying, True Surf can be listed among the most amazing surfing games ever on mobile phone now, not only on iOS. When this Game was released in October, rumor had it that a version for Android operating system would come out too. Up to now, we have almost no further information on an Android version of True Surf.

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We would like to think that the version for Android users of this game is being developed, as it is such a great game. While we’re waiting for that to happen, we suppose you would like to try some Android alternatives for the game.

The Journey – Surf Game

The Journey is a free-to-play surf game on mobile phone developed and published by Intellysurf. The studio is also the name behind the popular surfing/bodyboarding web game YouRiding ever since 2007, which has more than 1,000,000 players around the world!

With a massive selection of more than 300 real waves in total, along with its amazing graphics as well as intuitive on-screen controls, The Journey – Surf Game makes it much easier to travel around the world or ride the greatest waves and get yourself barreled as well as pull off some big moves regardless of your location. Take part in the tour events in order to prove how skillful you are with the live rankings.

Surfing Master

Surf on the moving waves, perform daring tricks up in the middle of the air, along with becoming the professional surfer! This is the best sports game with the most realistic 3D water surface on Android.

Become the master of the maneuvers of all the real-life tricks such as stall, snap, layback, reverse, cutback, re-entry, bottom turn and more. Try surfing at breathtaking locations around the world! All the tricks and maneuvers you can perform in this game are only limited by your imagination and skills.

Billabong Surf Trip

This is the perfect combination between Arcade Action and Surfing Simulation. You will experience the rush of adrenaline in your body the moment you take your board with you and go on the trip to explore the best surfing locations one can ever find around the world while trying your best to become the ultimate professional surfer. During the game, you can experience the one of a kind feeling of a fascinating surf barrel as well as find out how powerful surfboard is when you perform a maneuver in the air.

BCM Surfing Game

One of the most realistic games about surfing competition ever! This game is specially designed by the real surfers for real surfers. Enjoy the game while learning about surfing.