Last month witnessed the release of plenty of stellar mobile games across both Android and iOS, including Immortal Rogue, a hack-and-slash roguelike that you can play with one hand, or The Stillness of the Wind, a beautiful story of an old lady who lives in a small farm. Whether you’re looking for some quick entertainment or a game that’ll stick with you for a while, there is something for you.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at 5 of the best mobile games of February 2019.


Immortal Rogue is an action roguelike puts you in the shoes of an immortal vampire who wakes up once every few centuries to feed.

The controls are extremely straightforward: You swipe on the screen to move, tap to perform a quick attack, and use a hold-and-drag motion to unleash a strong attack — and that’s basically it. It can be a bit fiddly at first, but you’ll get used to it in no time.

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The controls are simple with a top-down perspective

Even though Immortal Rogue primarily focuses on simplicity, it still does a nice job of keeping things entertaining. The game features a wide variety of perks that you can unlock as you progress to power up your character. And being an immortal vampire, you can never truly die. Instead, each time you are defeated, you’ll simply fall into a slumber for a century and wake up in a changed world. As eras pass, the types of enemies you encounter will also change, and you can even affect which direction the future will head towards through your choice of who to hunt.


Released on mobile in 2016, Snakebird was a brilliant yet underrated puzzle game. And don’t let its cheerful atmosphere fool you, this game is devilishly difficult (which might be part of the reason why not many people have heard of it).  That’s why we have Snakebird Primer.

More often than not in the gaming industry, sequels are more difficult than the originals, but Snakebird Primer opts for a completely different direction: It’s an easier version of its predecessor. Honestly, this is what Snakebird should have been in the first place.

Snakebird Primer tune down the difficulty of its predecessor a little bit

The formula remains the same, you’ll go around a series of levels to collect all the fruits, which makes your colorful creature grow in length. However, it’s not easy to find your way around and make it to the goal as there are large gaps and other obstacles to overcome.

Snakebird Primer will still pose a challenge, but it’s a lot more approachable. This is the game newcomers should go for if they want to get into the series. That said, both games are highly recommended.


The first thing about Knights of the Card Table that meets the eye is its punchy art style, and this unique charm carries over to its gameplay too. It is a hybrid between a dungeon crawler and a card-based game. Everything is presented through cards, and a major part of victory comes from how you choose your battles, or rather, the order that those battles will take place.

You fight your way through several dungeons filled with peculiar foes (such as an evil traffic cone) and items, and you can rearrange the cards to change the order that you’ll encounter them. Thus, you’ll have to employ your strategic mind to plan which enemies you want to fight or which items you want to get first.

Knights of the Card Table's quirky art style is what first catches the eye

Knights of the Card Table is well-loved for its hilarious and charming designs. Note that it’s Android version is free (with IAPs), but the iOS version will set you back $4.99 (Rs 355).


At first glance, The Stillness of the Wind looks like a farming simulator, but make no mistake, this is no Stardew Valley. Instead, it will make you really think about old age and routine as you take on the role of an elderly woman named Talma and tend to her farm day after day. Everyone else has gone to the big cities long ago to pursue a better life, so all Talma has left are her goats and her chores. A traveling merchant occasionally comes by, bringing with him goods and conversations, and sometimes delivering ominous letters from Talma’s family.

The Stillness Of The Wind is not a game about “doing”. It’s a game about “feeling”. It reflects the mundanity of powerlessness and loss, yet shows you that these feelings can be joyful in their own ways. You live a “boring” life where every day is the same, yet you learn to come to terms with it and find peace. It is slow, sad, and thought-provoking.

The Stillness Of The Wind is a serene yet sad story of an old woman living her final days

The Stillness of the Wind is currently available for iOS users for only $4.99 (Rs 355), which is less than 50% compared to the price of the PC version. As a result, this mobile version is the perfect choice if you want to sink back into a sofa and immerse in the atmosphere.


Guildmaster Story is among the most entertaining puzzle games in recent times, and not because of its actual puzzles. The gameplay mostly involves some gem-shattering stuff similar to what you’d see in Candy Crush or Bejeweled.  It is fun, but ultimately forgettable.

The interesting part here is the dialogue that accompanies the levels, which is absolutely hilarious. Guildmaster Story revolves around Ganyo, an intelligently-stunted young man who just happens to inherit a casino worth millions of dollars and now feels like he is superior to the “humble working class”. With this delusional sense of superiority, Ganyo sets out to establish a business empire greater than anything the world has ever seen.

The fun thing about Guildmaster Story is its narrative

Throughout the game, you will follow Ganyo as his idiocy and naiveté get him into one sticky situation after another. Whether Ganyo is trying to take advantage of someone or being tricked himself, the story constantly provides endless amusement and delights.