Free Fire's skill system is one of the most well-liked parts of the game, with players being able to customize their character's abilities to match their playstyles. Each character can have 1 active ability and up to 3 passives.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 passive skills for rushers in Free Fire MAX. If you like run & gun and being aggressive, they are the best picks.

1. Leon's Buzzer Beater

Leon's skill recovers HP after engagement in combat. Being a passive skill, it can be combined with pretty much all skills in the game, from long to close range. Buzzer beater is very effective against chip damage - a combination of Buzzer Beater and EP could get you to full pretty quickly.

Free Fire Leon
Leon is great if you like to go in and out of combat.

The best characters to combo with Leon with this kind of playstyle are Chrono, Alok, K and Jota. Their skills are excellent in chaotic team fights, especially Jota, after the big boost in OB29. You can now gain HP with Jota while engaging... then gain even more HP with Leon after disengaging. You can also double down on healing and skills like Xayne or Kapella for the extra HP.

2. Kelly the Swift's Deadly Velocity

After 7 seconds of sprinting, she gains extra damage for her first 2 shots. Overall, you will be sprinting around and moving constantly on this map, which can fuel Kelly's ability easily. Extra damage bonuses are always useful, and her skill is actually one of the few abilities in Free Fire that outright increase damage dealt and not just armor penetration.

Elite Kelly
Elite Kelly is very powerful

3. Shirou's Damage Delivered

Shirou's ability tracks players who shot you and gives you bonus armor penetration for your first hit against them. While the tracking part is rather useless up close, the bonus AP is not. You can deal incredible damage with a shotgun or DMR while using them in tandem with this ability.

Shirou is useful in both long and short range.

Just don't use Shirou's skill alongside "spam" weapons like the MP40 or P90, as its bonus would be negligible.

4. Jota's Sustained Raids

With Sustained Raids, when using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user. Furthermore, knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP.

Jota's ability has become much more popular ever since its change. The skill now allows the user to gain some extra HP in a fight when dealing damage to enemies. Furthermore, after a kill, players would get an extra 20% maximum health as healing. This skill is way more useful than the previous version, as it can be used on any gun and has no cooldown.

Jota Free Fire
Jota's sustained raid is one of the most powerful skills in the game.

5. Moco's Hacker's eye

Moco’s special ability is a passive skill called “Hacker’s eye”, which would tag any enemies shot by her for a couple of seconds. This ability is strong in both solo and squad - if you managed to damage the enemies just a little, their position would be revealed on the map for a whopping 5 seconds, enabling you or your team to flank them or throw some grenades.

Free Fire Moco 1
Elite Moco is even more effective at detecting enemies.

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