Rummy has been a part of the Indian culture since time immemorial. One of the best things about rummy is that the game never gets boring since it has over hundreds of variants that are played across the globe, with each variant being different and unique. However, that can make it a bit confusing for some people. This article will help you recognize the main differences between two popular variants of rummy: Indian rummy and gin rummy.

Indian rummy and gin rummy are the two most popular variants of rummy and the rules of these games are quite different. You can play the Indian rummy game for free on the Junglee Rummy app, which is available on the Play Store for free.

Read on to learn about some unique differences between gin rummy and Indian rummy.

7 Differences Between Gin Rummy And Indian Rummy

1. Number of cards

Gin rummy is played using a standard card deck and jokers are not included in its gameplay. On the other hand, Indian rummy is played using one or two card decks, depending on the number of players, and jokers are an important part of this variant.

As for the number of cards dealt to each player, in Indian rummy, which is also known as 13 card rummy, each player gets 13 cards at the start of the game. In gin rummy, a player has only 10 cards with him/her throughout the duration of the game.

2. Objective

The basic objective of both the games is the same: to make sequences, or sets and sequences from the dealt cards and make a valid declaration, but the two variants have some differences.

In Indian rummy, you have to form a minimum of two sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence. You can form sets or sequences from the remaining cards to make a valid declaration at the end to win.

However, in gin rummy, you have to make valid sets and sequences until a player shows his/her hand, which contains all the necessary combinations.

3. Number of players

Indian rummy is played by two to six players. However, in gin rummy, there is less flexibility and it can be played by either two or four players.

4. Choosing of dealer

While playing Indian rummy, you can choose a dealer from among the group of players playing. However, in gin rummy, you pick cards from a shuffled deck and the player who gets a card with the lowest value is the one who deals.

5. Value of cards

In Indian rummy, aces can be used as both the first card and the fourteenth card. For instance, you can make a pure sequence using an ace, two and three of the same suit as well as an ace, a king and a queen.

As opposed to Indian rummy, in gin rummy, an ace can only be used as the first card. This means that an ace, two and three will make a valid sequence but not an ace, a king and a queen.

6. Gameplay and scoring

Usually the turns to discard and pick cards goes in a counterclockwise direction while playing Indian rummy. However in a gin rummy game, which is usually played by two people, the non-dealing player starts the game.

In Indian rummy, 10 points are assigned to all face cards, while the numbered cards are worth their face values. The total value of the unmatched cards in each player’s hand at the time of declaration is added up and the player with 0 points wins.

In gin rummy, you can declare your hand in two ways. The first way is to declare your hand after arranging all the cards in required combinations, leaving no deadwood. This is called going gin, and you score 25 points for this.

The second way is to knock. If the total value of a player’s deadwood cards is less than 10, the player may opt for knocking. The knocker’s score is equal to the difference between the values of the knocker’s deadwood cards and the deadwood cards of their opponent.

7. Jokers

Jokers are an important part of Indian rummy but they are not a part of gin rummy at all. While playing Indian rummy, all the cards that have the same face value as the randomly selected wild joker become wild jokers. Here jokers can be used as a substitute to replace any missing card to make an impure sequence or set.

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