Founded in 2009, Rummy Circle has been growing to become India’s largest portal for online card games. It brings over 3.2 million registered users across the country joy and excitement on a 24/7 basis. The site focuses on building a multi-player platform that could easily support thousands of players in real-time with games such as Rummy, Chess, Pool,... Now, the company decides to take a step into the world of mobile gaming by launching its very own Rummy Circle app. In this article, we will show you everything there is about the Rummy Circle app download for Android

1. About Rummy Circle app download for Android

Rummy Circle app download for Android special features

Rummy Circle provides you with the ability to connect and play with friends, and other fans of the game all over India for real money. The company currently hosts 13 cards Rummy - the most well-known card game in all of India, even for kids. The Supreme Court of India has expressly approved the game to be exploited for commercial purposes. New legal games are also being considered carefully to add more choices for players’ entertainment. 

rummy circle app download for android classic
RummyCircle is the best place to experience the classic game

One thing that sets RummyCircle apart from the competitors is its knock-out tournament format. You will compete against other players in real-time games, battle by wits, and strategy to advance to the next rounds. The loop continues until the final winner of the tournament emerges and earns the prize of real cash. An assessing system provided by the US Chess Federation rates players and decides the seeding for players in each tournament they take part in. Players can also manually determine their path based on the ratings. 

Most popular tournaments on Rummy Circle app download for Android

Players can install the RummyCircle app free download for Android and join the following tournaments:

  • Practice Tournaments: Free to play, running 24/7
  • Cash Tournaments: Friendly games start at just Rs. 5 deposit
  • Promotional Tournaments: Special tournaments designed for all players 
  • Mega Rummy Tournaments: Small entry price, large number of players, and gigantic prize pool
  • Jhatpat Tournaments: Specially designed for new players
  • Silver, Gold, and Diamond Club members get access to all tournaments
rummy circle app download for android tournaments
Compete in tournaments to win some cash!

Is playing on the Rummy Circle app download for Android legal?

According to the Indian law of gambling, all of the games offered on Rummy Circle are games of “skill”. It’s different from the game of “chance” in the sense that players have to utilize their skills to win. Therefore, it’s completely legal under the Honorable Supreme Court of India’s 1968 Act. Furthermore, Rummy Circle strictly monitors the prize winners to ensure compliance with current relevant laws.

rummy circle app download for android legal
It's completely legal to play on RummyCircle

2. How to install Rummy Circle app download for Android

This is a step by step guide on how to install the RummyCircle app free download for Android.

Step 1: Get the RummyCircle apk download for Android

There are four ways that you can use to acquire the file:

  • Option 1 & 2: Give a missed call to 08080894422 OR leave your number on the register frame. You’ll then receive an SMS from RummyCircle, which contains the download link. Tap on it to be directed to an instruction page, a pop-up for Rummy download should appear. Click ‘Okay’ and the RummyCircle app free download for Android will start. 
  • Option 3: Scan the QR code with the QR code reader. The system will automatically direct you to the download link. 
  • Option 4:  Directly download Rummy App. Simply tap on the download button and your RummyCircle app download for Android should start. 
rummy circle app download for android
Install the RummyCircle app and play right now!

Step 2: Install the RummyCircle apk download for Android

Once the RummyCircle app for Android is downloaded, just tap the file to start the installation. A warning may pop up to consider the process since the app is not from Google Play Store. However, there’s nothing you should worry about here. Go to your Settings, allow the installation from other sources and you’re good to go. Still don’t know how to do it? Check out the in-depth steps below:

  • First, go to Settings, then Security, check the “Install from unknown sources” option
  • Secondly, open the downloaded RummyCircle app for Android and start installing
  • Lastly, wait for the install process to finish and log into your account

3. Why should you use the Rummy Circle app download for Android?

There are many benefits that come with the installation of the RummyCircle app to your Android phones. We can name some as follows:

Faster and smoother experience

RummyCircle app’s design is sleek and fast. It enjoys a cleaner user interface that loads the game quickly. You will experience a smoother version of the game, easy to manage the games as well as your account

rummy circle app download for android design
The Rummy Circle App is designed for your best experience

Enjoy your favorite Rummy game right on the go

Rummy is a game with many different variations. It’s always fun to try new ones at any time, anywhere you want. The game is now in your pocket with the RummyCircle app download for Android. It's easy to use, and it's super convenient.

Compete with real players 

The thrill that you get from playing against the best Rummy players in India is simply unmatched. 

Special promotions

There are always special offers and promotions for you on the RummyCircle app. Make sure that you download the RummyCircle app for Android right now to make the most of them. 

rummy circle app download for android promotions
Don't miss out on any promotions


There are no distractions on the RummyCircle app. You won’t see any banners, ads, pop-ups to distract you from the game. Focus on your gaming to achieve the best results possible.

Optimized UI

The RummyCircle app download for Android is packed with rich colors, a seamless user interface, and multi-table game options at the same time. 

rummy circle app download for android free
Play for free, win for real!

That’s all it is for now in our guide on how to install the Rummy Circle app download for Android. It’s a fun, rewarding app offering great table games that you should definitely check out amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Stay home, keep calm, and play Rummy. For more information into the gaming world as well as insightful guides, tips, and tricks, visit our website at