Let’s explore the mysterious maze in Dungeon Drop, a fast-paced action/puzzle game offering limitless arcade entertainment! At the lowest point of the maze, there are abundant treasures waiting for you, but do you have enough skill and courage to overcome the deadly maze?

Here is the gameplay:

Exploring the deadly maze in Dungeon Drop

Once your heroes enter the deadly maze, they will automatically fall whenever there is an open space underneath them. Thus, you will not be controlling them directly, but rather the environment around them so as to have them move the way you desire.

By utilizing simple touch or swipe controls, you can change any of the maze’s layer to suit your preference! You should make new corridors for your characters to navigate and stay away from traps or barriers which are scattered everywhere in the dangerous dungeon.

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There are many obstacles to conquer in Dungeon Drop

To increase the difficulty level of the game, there is a moveable spike bed that constantly pushes down from the ceiling, never allowing you more than a couple of seconds to decide your next move. Moreover, the heroes must pick up some particular equipment throughout the dungeon because there are certain impediments that only be defeated with the help of those tools. For instance, when you run into a monster, you must have a weapon at hand in order to defeat it, otherwise you will be killed.

There is also a wide range of characters that you can choose from, up to 60 heroes with distinctive appearance and personality. They are purely for cosmetic purposes and offer no change in term of gameplay, though, so just pick one whose look appeals most to you.

The game is now available on iOS

Visit the App Store to download Dungeon Drop. An exciting adventure is waiting for you!