Published by Joyient, Rehtona is an ethereal world full of delightful single-player puzzles in the mysterious parallel universes. At the same time, the game provides pretty in-depth content with branching storylines in accordance with alternate endings.

Rehtona - a magical world full of clever puzzles across different universes


It all started out as an ordinary day for Rehtona. The main character woke up and headed to visit her friends in town. All of a sudden, the world literally started to fall apart as fragments of the deary town flew everywhere. At the end, she can only found herself all alone, next to a Gate of another world. Her current world was isolated and empty – the only thing in her sight now was the mysterious message: “Find yourself...”


Rehtona is simply beautiful to look at - a big plus in any puzzle game.

Generally speaking, the title looks gorgeous with the cute pixel art and anime style to some extent. Moreover, the graphics really inspires players to explore the parallel dimension’ mysteries. Follow the protagonist as she travels through various worlds, solve puzzles and return things to their original state. At the same time, help her interfere lasers by pushing the blocks, create stepping stones and many others.

Check out the game trailer below to see for yourself:

One great thing about Rehtona is that a decision in a certain world will affect the others. Because of that, always think twice before each action as a puzzle could turn pretty badly after a wrong decision. This is a great strategy factor, making the puzzles much more challenging and fascinating.

Travel across worlds where clever puzzles lie ahead of you!

Key Features

  • Explore in Rehtona two different yet closely-connected worlds. Play through 32 levels of clever puzzles with the refreshing cause-and-effect mechanics.
  • Experience a deep storyline that happens in the stunning pixel-art graphics. As different decisions lead to different endings, you are more than welcome to explore them all.

Rehtona needs you! Help her solve puzzles and discover the ultimate mystery between the parallel worlds. Rehtona is currently purchasable via App Store for $2.99 (Rs 210).