In the recent 3rd anniversary of Free Fire, the game got another Awaken character, Hayato Firebrand. Previously, they released a teaser video for Hayato Firebrand but in that video, Hayato hasn't awakened yet since he was still wielding one sword with his signature red color.

But now, Free Fire has finally released the full video on their Youtube channel and we can get to see how he transformed to the Awaken form. Let's check out the video right below.

In the video, we can see in the flashback of Hayato that he lost his left arm during a heated sword sparring.

After that incident, Hayato's father made him a mechanical arm, which is also his greatest invention. However, Hayato still very upset about it, which is why he can't use his full power.

In order to protect Kelly and Moco during the mission, Hayato has decided to put the past behind and use 2 swords to defeat enemies with his new skill. We also can confirm that Moco is Hayato's girlfriend as she is referred to as his "loved ones".


In the game, Hayato Firebrand has 2 swords with a blue color theme rather than the usual red. He also has a different skill called Art of Blades, which can reduce frontal damage when active for a short duration. In order to unlock Hayato Awaken, you need to first own Hayato and complete all Hayato Awaken missions.

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