Garena Free Fire has officially become the most popular Battle Royale game on the handheld platform in Asia and several other regions in the world. The title celebrates its third birthday with astounding figures representing an incredible journey of success. Free Fire has recently broken the record for having over 100 million daily active users. The consistent growth of the game comes from various elements, all funded by the sale of Diamonds - the premier currency. However, when it comes to acquiring cosmetic items in the game, many turn to Free Fire gun skin hack as an alternative.

Free Fire Season 9 Elite Pass
Beautiful gun skins are super rare to get in Free Fire

As any Garena Free Fire player knows, the publisher introduces a constant stream of events, Elite Passes as a way to monetize the game. Normally, it’s the most credible way to get exclusive skins, outfits, and other miscellaneous items. Or else, you may have to wait for the redeem codes to acquire some of the skins for a fixed period of time only. That’s why many trust the Free Fire gun skin hack to do the job. Now, there are various choices when it comes to Free Fire permanent gun skin hack apk. However, today we will only be looking at two of the most popular: Lulubox and the MOD APK.

Free Fire Gun Skin Hack: Lulubox

Lulubox is a third-party app that doesn’t fall to the Free Fire gun skin hack APK, but more like a game plugin box for mobile gamers. This supplementary program stems from the demand for keeping up with game updates and patches. The Lulubox provides various games and mods to bring you a completely new experience. It enables players to launch and modify certain features of their most-loved pastimes.

Lulubox gives you all gun skins for free

Many aspiring Android gamer looking for a Free Fire permanent gun skin hack choose Lulubox. It offers weapon skins, pet skins, backpack skins, vehicle skins, for absolutely free of charge. However, the app will ask to create a brand new account and play on a separate server, not the official Garena one. By doing so, you’re sacrificing to enjoy various exciting add-ons for your favorite Battle Royale title. 

Lulubox Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack Download

The Lulubox Free Fire free gun skin app is free to download and compatible with most Android devices. Unfortunately, the iOS version is not available. The beauty of this is you don’t need any third-party application for rooting nor adding any modified packages. Follow the steps below to download Lulubox to your device:

  • Get the Lulubox APK file, it’s only 13 MB in weight
  • Once the download is complete, open the file. Remember to toggle on the “Install from unknown sources” option first
  • Continue the easy installation process until you see the icon on your main screen
  • Open the Lulubox app and enable the access to your game library on the device
Free Fire Lulubox Min
Lulubox only available for Android devices

Note: Users can also update Lulubox right in the application. The process is straightforward. Just open the hexagon-shaped app, find the System Updates option, click on it, and wait. 

How to Use Lulubox Free Fire Gun Skin Hack?

To use Lulubox, you must first install the original game of Garena Free Fire on your device first. After that, users can apply various alternations available in the app’s boosters. Turn on the booster using it and turn it off once finished. There’s a plethora of patches, hacks, and mods in the program that you now have access to. However, patches must be downloaded before added to the game. The process is simple though: just visit the patches tab, pick your preference, and wait for the download. 

Free Fire Banner Armor
Lulubox is simple to use and update

Free Fire Gun Skin Hack: MOD APK V1.50.2

Another popular choice when it comes to Free Fire all gun skin hack is definitely the classic Free Fire MOD APK. Many consider it the staple of free-everything in the game. This modified version of the game gives users more than just gun skins. Upon installing the file, players will have access to unlimited sources of Diamonds and Gold Coins, unlocked outfits, skins, and more. It also provides supporting features such as auto-aim and wallhack to give you a literal one-hand easy gameplay.

Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds
The MOD APK gives free Diamonds and Gold Coins

MOD APK V1.50.2 Free Fire Permanent Gun Skin Hack Download

  • Delete the original Garena Free Fire application from your device 
  • Get the Free Fire permanent gun skin hack apk v1.50.2 as well as the OBB file
  • To be safe, extract the downloaded files to your SD card instead of the internal memory
  • Open Settings and toggle on the option of Install from Unknown Sources
  • Move the extracted files to SDCARD / ANDROID / OBB. In case there isn’t one, you can create a new folder
  • Hit the Install button, wait for it to finish, and enjoy!

Is Free Fire Gun Skin Hack App Legal?

The obvious answer is no. You can’t expect any hacking behaviors to be legal since they actually mess with the game’s balance and fairness. In fact, Garena’s terms of services clearly state that the publisher stands strongly against any usage of third-party programs. The action of the Free Fire gun skin hack APK means pirating the devs’ efforts. Hence, violators are subject to severe punishment if they are detected by the system. A permanent ban on the in-game account as well as the device may be waiting at the end of the line. 

Gun Skin Discount
Wait for discounts to legally purchase gun skins

With that being said, we hope that you now have a better perspective on the Free Fire gun skin hack. Just about any kind of unfair behavior may lead to severe punishment from Garena in order to maintain a healthy environment for players. If you’re aware of the possible repercussions and still want to give the hacking a try - then the decision is yours to make. Remember to consider the pros and cons carefully, as the system rarely misses any cases. For more articles about Free Fire and more, visit our website at