Garena Free Fire is now one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the handheld platform. Its various unique features attract millions of players around the world, creating a thriving community for young talents. They prove themselves in the game's competitive scene or rankings in a more familiar language. There's only a handful of players capable of making it to the top tier list of Grandmaster and compete with elites. However, some players turn to illicit methods like the Antenna APK to gain unfair advantages in Free Fire.

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Let's learn more about Antenna View

What is Antenna APK in Free Fire?

In general, the Antenna APK is a modified version of the game client, much like the Free Fire MOD APK. To put it in another way, by downloading and using this APK file means you're hacking.  So, what exactly does it do? Like the name may suggest, the APK puts an antenna on each of the opponents in a match - giving the users the location of them over great distances. This alone can provide immense advantages in an unethical way.

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Antenna View is not legal

Is it legal?

The Antenna APK falls into the third-party program category. Hence, there's no question about its liability. According to Garena's anti-hack FAQ on the company's official website, using any third-party program is strictly illegal. These programs include those that are not developed by Garena, modified versions of the game client, and others interfering with the game's balance and fairness.

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It gives the precise location of other players

In other words, the usage of this mod APK is 100% illegal and users are subject to a permanent ban. On top of that, Garena has also stated in the anti-hack FAQ that they will also ban the devices to negate further cheating in the future. Many videos and websites on the Internet claim to provide the Antenna APK with a anti-ban feature, yet, it's not true. Garena has banned millions of accounts worldwide and will continue to ensure a fair environment.

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Don't mess with the game's balance

In the ban notice published by Garena Free Fire on 22nd August on their social media and YouTube channel, the company reported that they had banned a total of 11,04,258 players in just two weeks. 21% of the demographic was detected using the Antenna APK.