In the last couple of years, PC and consoles have seen plenty of “walking simulation” games. These games are basically interactive movies in which players can take the role of the protagonist and directly control him/her through the plot. However, the controls usually stop at moving the character around and examining stuff, with little to none combat or other similar features. The main purpose of these games is to enjoy a good story without having to put in too much effort. Now, Gone Home, one of the best titles in the genre has come to iOS.

Check out the launch trailer of the game below:

Developed by The Fullbright Company and originally released on PC in 2013, Gone Home is a highly acclaimed walking simulator. The game can now be purchased from the App Store for $4.99 (Roughly Rs 360). This mobile version comes with all the features of its PC and console counterparts, so don’t worry about missing out on anything.

Gone Home’s story was created by the people behind the BioShock games, and it tells of a family that struggles to deal with change, uncertainty, and heartache.

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The entire game is set in 1995. The player takes on the role of a young woman named Katie. Having returned from overseas to her family home in a rural area of Oregon, Katie found her family absent and the house empty. Thus, she had to examine the clues, such as letters, journals, notes, and other items, to piece together what had transpired.

There is no definite goal in Gone Home, but it encourages and rewards players for exploring new areas and search for new messages. Doing so might even lead to some side stories. Most of the interactivity revolves around looking at objects and notes, and in order to progress, the player must find certain items that open access to various parts of the house.

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If you are interested in a game where there is no action, no puzzle, just pure story, and a damn great one at that, get on the App Store and get Gone Home right now!