Genshin Impact has released a set of alternate skins for Jean, Mona, Rosaria, and Amber. These 4-star skins have a special buff that not many players know. Check it out here.

Alternate Skins In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact started to make alternate skins since version 1.6. The game developer has created and introduced many new skins for Jean and Barbara in verion 1.6, and for Ningguang and Keqing in version 2.4. Those skins make your characters look great in a different outfit but they do now affect the damage status.

Genshin Impact Alternate Outfits Featured
Alternate skins in version 2.4.

In the second part of the current update 2.4, the game continued to release four alternate skins for four female characters from Mondstadt, including Jean, Mora, Rosaria, and Amber. A subreddit user revealed that those alternate skins provided characters a great damage buff.

After the post went viral, miHoYo made a hotfix right away. Before that, the bug made characters who wore those alternate skins get 40% ATK bonus with a trick. It seems to make the game lose the balance. So, the game developers had to fix the glitch immediately or the bug may make a great change in the gameplay of Genshin Impact.

All New Skins In Genshin Impact
All new skins in Genshin Impact.

So far, miHoYo has introduced two new skins for Ningguang and Keking in the Lantern Rite festival. One of those, the Orchid's Evening Gown of Ningguang is free to obtain from the Fleeting Colors in Flight. But players need to collect enough tokens from event activities.

  • Affluence talismans (2,400 pieces)
  • Immaculate talismans (2,200 pieces)
  • Conquest talismans (1,800 pieces).

Meanwhile, the Opulent Splendor skin of Keqing is available to purchase from the outfit shop of the game. In version 2.5, Genshin Impact will continue to release new skins for Diluc and Fischl. Stay updated and get new character skins to make your characters look different and beautiful.

Damage Buff
The damage buff glitch has been fixed.

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